Essential Insights Into Your Parasympathetic Nervous System

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For millions of Americans, daily life means living in a pressure cooker. The biggest concern for nearly 75 percent of adults is money. No surprise here, right? Most of us are concerned about the high cost of living, unemployment or job insecurity, and the alarming increase in healthcare costs.

Among parents, Millennials, and low income families, worries over economic instability are most acute. And the toll on our health can make stress very expensive. Infrequent bouts of anxiety can be toxic; but living with the daily grind of unrelenting stress can be lethal.

A lot of that anxiety lands smack dab in the middle of our parasympathetic nervous system - or PNS. Part of the autonomic nervous system, the PNS is the docking station for all of your unconscious actions when your body is at rest. It triggers everything from sexual arousal to the call of nature; and it regulates the impulse to rest after you eat so that you'll digest your food more efficiently.

When the parasympathetic nervous system gets sick from stress, stomach and bowel disorders may develop. Left unchecked, minor maladies can lead to major health problems. For example, what might start out as acid indigestion may eventually develop into an ulcer.

Your Nose Knows

The answer to some of these ills is right in the middle of your face. The sense of smell is one of the fastest ways our bodies can receive healing therapies designed to improve our general well-being. Whether through massage, warm bath immersion, or inhalation, a deep breath of the right fragrance - natural, unadulterated, holistic, essential oils - can bring balance and healing through the mind-body connection.

An essential oil is the very essence of a plants fragrance and healing properties extracted via distillation using cold press or steam, among the most popular methods.

The word aromatherapy didn't appear until the 1900s, but the use of essential oils for therapeutic healing and mood enhancement has been hailed throughout antiquity from China and India to Greece and Egypt.

Lavender oil is one of the most effective and popular essential oils to deal with anxiety pain, depression, stress, and insomnia. Feeling a bit queasy? Take a whiff of orange, lemon, or ginger essential oil.

While black pepper might make you sneeze if you sprinkle it on your food, inhaling the essential oil of black pepper can give you an energy boost; so too, can cinnamon, sage, clove, and jasmine essential oils.

Over the past five years, I've come to rely on peppermint essential oil to relieve headaches - particularly tension and sinus headaches. A gentle massage on my temples and behind my ears, and poof, most headaches evaporate in minutes. I keep a bottle with me at all times. But I always make sure the label says cooling, because the pepper in pure peppermint oil which is not intended for topical use can burn!

Another note of caution: Essential oils are highly flammable, so keep them well away from any heat source including a sunlit window.

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