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Aromatherapy can be incredibly powerful when it is used right. There are so often times where some think that they have to take something orally to benefit from its terrific properties. Well, this is actually not at all the case. There are aromas that can literally change and aid health concerns just based on smell alone.

That's right. Just smelling a specific aroma can have fundamental brain changing capacities. Aromatherapy isn't only for ambiance and making rooms smell fragrant and pleasant, it can actually be used to correct a myriad of issues commonly faced. Here is why vanilla is one of the most impressive and effective aromatic oils on the market.

Mood Lifter

So many people deal with depression and even more deal with differing moods. It's unrealistic to think that anyone or everyone should or can be happy all the time. But for those who really struggle with feelings of sadness or being down or overwhelmed, simply smelling vanilla can lift their spirits and change their mood.

A couple of drops of vanilla on a cotton ball left near your desk or in your car can give you an instant change in mood throughout the day, just when you require one.

Calms Nerves

Vanilla has a very specific property that is attributed to calming and anti anxiety. So if you're the type of person that worries about things and has a high level of anxiety or a very stressful lifestyle, vanilla oil is a great oil to have around. If you don't want to carry the oil, you can use things like vanilla incense or a vanilla candle to fill the room with the complex, relaxing aroma of the vanilla bean.

Studies have found that the brain reacts positively to the aroma of vanilla and it can be used to help calm those who have a penchant towards anxiety or nervousness.

Induces Sleep

Insomnia is a real beast to deal with, especially when it's chronic and you can't seem to fall asleep at an appropriate time of night. Lack of sleep can start to show itself in so many different ways. Those who don't get enough sleep have trouble concentrating, working and functioning at the level they should throughout the day.

Lack of getting restful sleep can also pose a problem from a health standpoint. There are so many health conditions that are worsened by a lack of adequate sleep. Using vanilla as a sleep aid is a wonderful idea because it is a natural relaxant. Try adding it to a diffuser or a humidifier and fill the room with it's calming scent. You'll be surprised by how just taking a few deep breaths will have you feeling more at ease and lulled to sleep.


This scent can also set the mood. If you or your partner is having trouble with libido, this oil will work wonders. Light some vanilla candles, use an oil burner or if you want a more tactile approach, give your partner a massage with coconut oil mixed with vanilla oil. That will surely do the trick.

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