Cypriol Oil: How It Helps

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Derived from the root of the cyperus scariosus plant, which is indigenous to India, the oil that is drawn from this plant is amber colored and often used for aromatherapy purposes. One of the most common ways that essential oil is introduced to those who are unfamiliar is through aromatherapy uses, however, there are a ton of medicinal reasons that essential oils, such as cyriol, can be beneficial on a daily basis.

Here are some of the key ways that this oil can help very common ailments and problems.


If you suffer from your fair share of coughs, colds or other congestion issues, this oil can definitely be a godsend for you. No one wants to have trouble breathing or to struggle fighting a pesky cough that just won't let go. During cold and flu season, having this oil around is a definite good idea.

When the first bit of congestion starts or that tickle in your throat gets your attention, whip this oil out. Mix it with a bit of tea tree oil and coconut oil before rubbing it on your chest. You'll notice that it acts almost identical to the famous Vicks vapor rub by clearing out and opening up your nasal passages and airways.


There's no need to spend ridiculous amounts of money on facial creams and lotions that promise you clear skin but rarely ever deliver. Specific essential oils are the best anecdote for troublesome skin that seems to constantly be plagued by acne.

Cypriol essential oil has oil regulating effects within its compounds that make it easy to control the bad oil that tends to lead to breakouts. The latent antibacterial aspect of the oil is also great for helping to eliminate acne and breakouts while increasing the healthy condition of your skin.

Stress Reliever

One of the key ways that we damage our own health is by not managing our stress levels the way that we should. This means that we become overworked, frazzled and don't take the time to unwind and unpack our minds. Our ambiance and environment can either help that or it can hinder it.

Thankfully, with cypriol essential oil, your stress levels can be directly helped simply by smelling the spicy fragrant oil. Just a couple of drops in a diffuser will positively impact your mood by changing the way your nervous system reacts in that very moment. It can even help digestive issues that can sometimes be brought on by stress like diarrhea, upset stomach or appetite loss.

Heals Wounds

When you suffer from a cut or a scratch, it's imperative that you treat it right away to prevent the occurrence of infection or fungal growth. Due to it's antiseptic qualities, this oil is a great oil to treat even the smallest nicks and cuts. Historically, before the presence of the oil, a paste made from the root itself would be used to treat cuts and open wounds. Now, a couple of drops of the oil will do. 

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