Caring For Your Aging Skin: 5 Skincare Tips For Older Adults

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Written By Sophia Young / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Our skin shows one of the earliest signs of aging. And although everyone ages differently, you might notice the small cracks in between. Your skin may feel dry and paper-like. It also loses its former resilience and elasticity, which can make it look saggy. Skincare routines you follow from before may not deliver the same results today. 

Don’t worry, it is normal. Aging doesn’t mean that you will have unhealthy skin. But it can become more sensitive and at risk from skin diseases since it heals at a slower pace than when you were younger. That’s why finding the perfect skincare product is crucial in keeping it radiant and protected from factors like extreme sun exposure, lifestyle, and dietary concerns.

There are also many ways to look younger despite your age without breaking the bank. So, forget about those fine lines and wrinkling foreheads for a while. Get your glow back with these skincare tips you can easily do at home. 

Improve your lifestyle 

It all starts with your habits. Growing older means growing out of unhealthy routines to ensure a better quality of life - and glowing skin! Aside from getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet, and throwing out those cigarettes - exercise can be good for the skin, too. 

Stay active to increase the blood circulation of your body. It helps in nourishing your skin and keeping your skin cells vital.

A 10-minute workout every day can do wonders in releasing waste and toxins, not only inside your skin but also your body. Exercising also supports the production of collagen - an anti-aging and moisturizing component that helps your skin stay healthy and glowing.

Maintain a healthy bath time

One of the ways you can take care of your skin as you grow older is by improving personal hygiene by taking baths. Bathing is an essential part of your skin and body care routine. It alleviates different skin problems by keeping it clean and moisturized. So, if you feel like your skin is drier and itchier than usual, try applying some changes to your bath time. 

With this, remember to use warm water instead of hot water. The latter can make the dry-skin situation worse by stripping the natural moisture and oils of your body.

Also, drop the rough loofah and replace it with a soft cotton cloth. Your skin is sensitive enough. You don’t want these rough textures to trigger irritation and itchiness. 

Practice short baths or showers. Staying soaked in water can supersaturate your skin. It can even fall off if you spend prolonged bath periods. 

After you shower, another tip is to dry yourself properly. Pat water off your skin gently to keep a little moisture instead of drying it off completely. 

Choose proper skincare products

After taking baths comes skin and body care. At this age, your skin needs more moisture to put up a better protective barrier. It helps relieve the dryness and scaliness that you might feel as you grow older. 

It is also essential to use products that are gentle and fragrance-free. Fragrances like perfumes, colognes, and other body care products can become a cause of irritation for your sensitive skin. Also, opt for fragrance-free sunscreen to protect your face from the sun and other complications.

Friendly tip: unscented doesn’t mean it is fragrance-free. Unscented products have ingredients that block the smell of other components included in the mixture. So, always look for the “fragrance-free” label. 

 Protect yourself from the sun

Using sunscreen does not stop at any age. It is even more important to protect your skin from the sun now that it has become thinner and more vulnerable. At this point in your life, sunscreens are a holy grail to prevent discoloration, age spots, and blotchy skin. 

Make sure to stay in the shade when outdoors, most likely between 10 a.m. to two in the afternoon. These are the times when the sun is the strongest. Going out without protection can lead to damaged skin.

Choosing comfortable and lightweight shirts, long-sleeves, and wide pants is also a hack for keeping your skin fresh and soft. Keep away from the friction of denim pants and tight-fitting clothes because they can irritate and bruise your skin.

Consult regularly with your dermatologist

As you grow older, the risk of getting skin-related diseases, like skin cancer, increase. Always make it a habit to check with your dermatologist to keep your skin at its maximum health. 

It is also a way to monitor your health since some medical issues can manifest through the skin. If you know what is going on in your body, you can better understand how to treat it properly. 

Final tip: your skin reflects your overall health

Having healthy skin doesn’t depend on age. You can be younger yet are already experiencing a lot of skin issues. Or you can be fifty and still look thirty.

The truth is if you take care of your body and establish healthy routines earlier on, it will reflect on your skin no matter what your age is. So, drink lots of water, eat healthy, bathe gently, and never forget your sunscreen! A healthy body leads to healthy skin.

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