Can You Get Rid of Age Spots?

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Age spots are darkened spots that appear on the skin during the aging process. They are caused by exposure to the sun and will appear in areas that are most often uncovered such as hands, arms, shoulders, and face.

While not dangerous, some may choose to have them removed for aesthetic reasons. To prevent age spots, limit direct exposure to the sun and wear appropriate sunscreen. To lighten or remove them, medications, laser treatments, or surgery can be used.

Sun exposure and age spots

Not all age spots can be avoided, but there are preventative measures that can be taken to limit and delay their appearance. Staying out of the sun during the peak hours every day will slow the appearance of age spots, along with wearing sunscreen or keeping skin covered when outside in the sun. Limiting the length of time that the skin is exposed to the sun can slow their appearance, but it may not stop them completely.

Medications for age spots

Once age spots begin to show there are a few ways to remove them. Medications can be applied to each age spot. Most often they contain a bleaching ingredient to lighten the spot to the color of the skin around it and can be used as needed. This method will take weeks or even months to work completely and may cause dry skin to occur.

For faster results laser treatment can be considered. It will destroy the cells that create the melanin allowing the skin to return to its natural tone. This process will take a few sessions. Alternatively, a freezing process can be used to remove the pigment from the area by freezing it off with a liquid nitrogen applied directly to the spot for only a few seconds so as not to burn the skin.

Dermabrasion and microdermabrasion for age spots

Dermabrasion and microdermabrasion use an abrasive technique to remove the layers of skin until the spot is removed so a new layer of skin will grow to take its place. This will take a few treatments and may require time to heal some redness that may occur during the treatment.

A chemical will remove the outer layers of the skin and the pigmentation with it using a chemical applied directly to the skin. This treatment can have more risks including infection and redness, and it may permanently alter the skin color, and require a few treatments for the desired results.

Age spots occur naturally as the skin ages on areas that are exposed to the sun frequently. They are not harmful, but are often removed by various treatments including medicated creams, and removing the outer layer of skin revealing the new skin underneath.

There is the risk of side effects to each treatment option, though most are minor and will heal in a few days or a week. To prevent age spots it is important to use sunscreen as directed and to avoid extended exposure to the sun.

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