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One of the methods that certain companies use to prevent being 100% upfront and truthful is the inclusion of acronyms in the ingredients list - instead of the full name. This prevents the average consumer from knowing exactly what the acronym stands for and doing further research on it.

If you aren't sure what TEA or MEA or DEA stand for, you have no way of knowing exactly what they are or potentially finding out how harmful they can be to you and your family. Those three acronyms stand for triethanolmine, monoethanolamine and diethanolamine. Aside from being hard to pronounce, they are also incredibly dangerous. 

These chemicals are actually hormone-disrupting carcinogenics. This means that the hormones that exist naturally in the body can be disrupted and thrown off by the exposure of these three elements. TEA, MEA and DEA are also known to convert into nitrosamines and nitrates after a specific period of time.

Nitrates are another harmful additive often found in deli meats, also known to have negative effects on those who consume it in large quantities. Now something that is found in your meat shouldn't also be found in your face wash; that's just common sense.

These acronyms are found in many different products such as soap, shampoo, bubble bath, and body wash. When they are listed on the ingredients label, they sometimes have words like lauramide, coamide, stearamide and oleamide in addition to the acronym.

This is some type of variation and doesn't make the elements less harmful or potentially toxic. One of the studies that was recently done on DEA, showed that while this substance is found in hundreds of skin and body products, it also greatly increased risk factors for cancer, namely kidney and liver cancer.

We wonder how cancer is becoming such an escape-less epidemic in this country, but the information regarding what may actually contributes to it isn't readily available.

There were also studies and tests done on animals that suggest there is a heightened link between these acronyms and cancer risk. This type of thing should be all over the news. There should be a national outcry that these harmful chemicals are being added to a variety of products that we use and buy at massive rates.

But a study comes out and it gets minimal attention before disappearing into oblivion completely. While more and more people are becoming intrinsically aware of how harmful certain common household items can be, it's because they seek out that information, not because it is readily available to them.

The FDA is well aware of these hazards and potential threats to the health of millions of people, yet it's not getting the platform and traction that it should. They have gone on record as saying, while they understand the implications and the links that some of these studies are showing, they do not believe it is significant enough to alarm the general public.

So we all remain in the dark unless we actively seek the information. Don't be fooled, take responsibility for yourself and your health. Do your own research and protect yourself and your family from these hidden dangers

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