Avocado Oil’s Skin Benefits

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Avocado is a popular and healthy fruit to eat, but the oil also has many benefits for skin care. The same vitamins and nutrients that nourish the body also nourish the skin, helping it to remain hydrated, smooth, and healthy.

Avocado oil is created by cooking down the inside of the fruit and straining it. It is then used for cooking or included in skin and haircare products.

Absorption Qualities Of Avocado Oil

The oil from an avocado is high in many vitamins and nutrients, and can help with many skin concerns. These include aging signs and dry skin irritations related to lack of hydration.

As the oil is absorbed it helps boost the skin’s ability to retain moisture it receives and absorb more hydration. This not only helps to rehydrate dry skin but also helps to avoid further occurrences of dry and itchy skin.

Moisturizing Benefits Of Avocado Oil

When used as a moisturizing product it can help decrease itch and irritation, heal areas that have become chapped, and create a protective layer keeping moisture in and blocking harmful elements of the surrounding environment from causing further damage. The protection offered by avocado oil also helps deter damage from UV rays and stops the sun from drying out the skin.

Rather than just adding moisture to the skin, the nutrients in avocado help the skin to absorb it better as well as help to retain it. By absorbing the oil better then other products the skin is able to use the nutrients more easily and get the most benefit.

Vitamins In Avocado Oil

The vitamins in avocado oil boost collagen production, specifically vitamin E, which helps skin stay more elastic and reduce wrinkles. As signs of aging appear through progression of time and the effects of the environment, having a source of vitamins E, C and D, along with proteins and a collagen boost can help slow their appearance.

Wrinkles And Avocado Oil

Wrinkles, sunspots, age spots, and even puffiness around the eyes can all be decreased by regular use of avocado oil. Once improvements are seen the continued use will slow the appearance of further signs of aging as well.

Skin Problems And Avocado Oil

As an aid to reducing minor skin wounds or even acne, the fatty acids and boosted collagen help the skin reproduce healthy skin cells to replace damaged ones. They help ease the sting of a sunburn by healing the skin and replacing the moisture removed, decreasing peeling and damage from UV rays.

While avocado oil is often used in cooking, as well as a carrier oil for many essential oils, it also has several benefits for the skin when applied directly to the surface. When faced with dry skin, discoloration, sun damage, or aging, added avocado oil to your skincare routine can increase collagen production, help heal damage, and add and retain moisture in the skin. It is easily absorbed and used by the skin and there is low risk of any reaction or irritation.

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