What You Can Expect From A Dying Tooth

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Throughout your lifetime, it's likely that you may have to deal with a dead tooth or two. Understanding what causes it can help you to reduce the amount of tooth death that you personally experience. Let’s go over the cause of a dead tooth and what you can expect to go through when dealing with one.

A Close Look at the Causes of a dying tooth

Dead teeth are nothing new. There are two main reasons that humans end up dealing with dead teeth. The first is natural tooth decay. This happens when a cavity isn't treated early on. The second is tooth trauma. This can happen at any time. When your tooth undergoes trauma, it can cause the blood vessels inside of it to burst. This cuts off the blood supply to the tooth and causes it to die.

The Signs of a Dying Tooth

While some dying teeth may not have a lot of signs, others may. By understanding the signs, you may be able to have your dental professional save the tooth with procedures like root canals.

The main sign of a dying tooth is pain. Some may have just a dull aching pain, while others may have an excruciating amount of pain. Also, a very bad taste or smell in the mouth can often indicate that there is an on-going infection of one of your teeth.

What Will Your Dentist Do if you have a dying tooth

The main procedure that is used to handle a dead tooth is an extraction. An extraction is performed to remove the dead tooth material. You'll be put under general or local anesthesia during the procedure. Your dentist will use a series of tools to pull out the remaining sections of the tooth from the gums.

How to Prevent Against a Dead Tooth?

While there's not a whole lot you can do when it comes to trauma accidents other than wear protective equipment, there are some things that you can do to prevent infection of your teeth. Regular oral hygiene is a must. This entails brushing at least twice a day and flossing your teeth to remove any excess material.

It's never a good idea to let your teeth go without regular cleaning as the food buildup can easily lead to an infection that will kill your tooth.

Understanding all about dying teeth is a great way to help you to learn why and how you can avoid this situation. With the technology that we have available in the 21st century, there is really no reason for letting an infection spread in your mouth. Rather, let your dental professional remedy the infection and save your tooth before it becomes too late.

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