Top Ten Facts About Pediatric Crowns

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Written By Sophia Cooper / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Pediatric crowns are excellent solutions and applications in dentistry when children suffer from early childhood caries (ECC) and tooth decay. Children below 10 years are at a considerable risk of tooth decay. As the enamel of children’s teeth is thinner and cavities forming bacteria spread faster – it infects more teeth.

As a result, to protect the teeth from premature extraction fitting, pediatric crowns are the best solution.  A crown is a permanent application/instrument used to protect or hide damaged teeth. You may reach out to your dental professional for more advice. There are many ways that a pediatric crown can protect your child’s teeth. Here's the top 10 facts about pediatric dental crowns.

1. The pediatric crown made from a variety of materials

Nowadays, the dentist uses different types of materials in pediatric crowns.  Every crown has advantages and disadvantages depending upon the patient’s needs and suitability of various applications. The essential factors dentists consider for a crown type are durability, retentiveness, placement time, allergenicity, adaptability, cost, and aesthetics. The different types of pediatric crowns are:

  • Stainless Steel Crowns
  • Composite Clearfix Crowns
  • Polycarbonate Crowns
  • Resin Veneer Crowns
  • Zirconia Ceramic Crowns

2. Preparing a tooth for fitting

The fitting of crowns is a two-step process. The dentist will examine your child’s mouth and ascertain the need for a pediatric crown, and then fit the crown. If the dentist decides to fit a crown – he will prepare the tooth for further process. The preparation includes shaping of the natural tooth structure that could provide the crown with a base. If required, the dentist can remove a portion of teeth to fit the crown comfortably.

3. Your child’s pediatric crown is custom made

Yes! The crown is specially made as per the need of the child. The dentist will take measurements and decide the ideal crown type needed for your child. You, as a parent, can even determine the crown type and color, which suits your child perfectly.

4. A pediatric crown can protect weak teeth

When children are suffering from ECC – early childhood caries - there are instances where the teeth weaken and may start to break apart. Or the child may have some dental injuries that cracked or weakened the teeth. The pediatric crown can help to protect the teeth from further damage - and also keep the tooth from breaking apart. That means the functionality of the teeth enhances too!

5. A pediatric crown can restore severely worn down teeth

Enamel is the external layer of the tooth. Sometimes unhygienic or wrong oral hygiene practices can wear down the enamel, resulting in the inner layer of the tooth exposed to bacteria and diseases. A pediatric crown can protect the worn down tooth from further damage – evidently saving the original tooth!

6. Crown protects and covers the dental implant

Many times due to various circumstances, the child looses permanent teeth – either due to some injury or deterioration of teeth. The best possible way to replace the missing tooth is via dental implants. The dental implants resemble our natural teeth. As time passes, the implants can wear down due to oral routine - it becomes necessary to protect them. 

A pediatric crown can protect the implant and increase longevity at the same time. It can also function as a cover to shield the implants from the bacteria present in the mouth.

7. Fitting a pediatric crown is more comfortable and painless than tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is a tedious process for a child. The child cannot endure the physical or mental pressure of an extraction. He or she may be scared to visit a dentist in the future. By fitting a pediatric crown, the process of saving a tooth becomes easier. The pediatric crown can protect the teeth long enough – to help a child grow without any complicated dental procedures. The method of fitting a crown is relatively more painless than tooth extraction.

8. Crown can modify aesthetic appeal of teeth

Poorly shaped and discolored teeth look dreadful on a child’s smile. Badly shaped teeth can even decrease the functionality of teeth. The bite is also affected. Due to these reasons, a child could lose confidence, and it would influence his social life. The pediatric crown can modify the teeth to perfect shape. They are available in multiple colors to suit your child’s needs. With these crowns, the teeth can get their aesthetic appeal back!

9. A crown lasts for long durations

Crowns can last up to seven years. Even if a composite or porcelain crown gets damaged – the dentist may repair it inside the mouth without actually replacing it. Metal crowns can last for as much as 40 years and are much durable.

10. Potential complications

There are no severe downsides to getting a pediatric crown. Sometimes the crown might not fit perfectly or can be uncomfortable or may fall out. Under such circumstances, you should visit the dentist as soon as possible. If the crown is loose, the food will get trapped in between, and the bacteria will grow, damaging the teeth.

The conclusion is that the pediatric crown provides a practical and straightforward treatment option to restore decayed teeth. It can also help your child’s teeth functionality with an excellent aesthetic appeal, making a pediatric crown a superior alternative for your child’s smiling future!

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