Tips For Using Invisalign With Crowns And Veneers

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Written By Anica Oaks / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

In the quest for the perfect smile, one great option is treatment with Invisalign. This approach to teeth straightening is discreet, simple, and effective. During your treatment, though, you may wonder how other appliances, such as veneers and crowns, will respond. To help make your treatment a complete success, here are some tips for using Invisalign with crowns and veneers.

Check For Proper Bonding

Since Invisalign trays are made to closely hug your teeth, there is sometimes a slight suction that is created when you go to remove the trays. To help prevent any problems, it's important that you have your dentist or orthodontist check for proper bonding between your teeth and any veneers or crowns before you begin your Invisalign treatment. If there are any appliances that are loose, it's a good idea to have these issues corrected so that you don't risk them coming off.

Attachments May Be Necessary

When using Invisalign braces, you want to be sure that all your teeth, including those with crowns, are manipulated at the proper speed to protect the integrity of the teeth and crowns. Therefore, if you have crowns, you may need small appliances to be bonded to the crown that help guide the Invisalign braces for more fine-tuned treatment. These appliances, called attachments, are left on the crown even if the final placement is achieved before the surrounding teeth. At the end of your treatment, they will be taken off, leaving you with a beautiful, healthy smile.

Proper Brushing Is Crucial

Although proper brushing is crucial for anyone using Invisalign, it's especially important for individuals who have crowns or veneers. Since it's more difficult for your saliva to keep your teeth clean while you're wearing your Invisalign tray, it offers extra opportunities for bacteria to make a home in your crowns or veneers. Therefore, brushing your teeth thoroughly in the morning and evening is essential to maintain good oral health and help protect the integrity of your appliances.

Protect Against Damage

When inserting and removing your Invisalign trays, it's important that you're careful to avoid any damage to any crowns or veneers you may have. This is especially crucial when removing your tray, as you want to be sure to release the suction slowly so that your crowns don't come loose. Additionally, you need to make sure your tray is properly aligned with your teeth before pressing down to lock it in place. If you don't, the plastic of the tray could cause excess pressure on an appliance, resulting in damage.

For the most part, Invisalign treatment with veneers or crowns is straightforward. Plus, once you get used to the slight modifications that are needed to protect your appliances, it will seem as routine as brushing your teeth. Therefore, don't hesitate to pursue Invisalign to obtain that perfectly aligned smile you've always wanted.

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