Receding Gums Remedies And Lifestyle Changes

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When you're trying to reverse receding gums, the important part is to know how to stop receding gums. There are natural options available that can promote oral health by aiding in the destruction of harmful bacteria and creating an overall healthier environment .

The use of herbal supplements and remedies can create that healthier oral environment that promotes gum attachment levels. Many essential oils can be used on a toothbrush or in a glass of water to use as a mouth rinse.

Remedies for receding gums truly lie within great oral hygiene practices that are gentle on the gums. Using gentle, 100% pure products along with a daily oral hygiene program can help fight harmful oral bacteria, the cause behind many gum problems.

Lifestyle Changes And Recommendations

Give Up Tobacco
Tobacco is one of the worst external factors when it comes to reversing oral disease conditions. The use of tobacco is harmful to the health of the gums and in most cases prevents the healing process from occurring. In cases of gum recession, smokeless tobacco is especially harmful as it causes direct tissue irritation and can further gum recession into very severe states

Limit Your Sugar And Acidic Foods
If you suffer from symptoms of gum disease, eating a diet that consists of processed foods, refined sugars, acidic drinks and alcohol can create an environment that allows bacteria to thrive. Eating a balanced diet free of sugars and acids is extremely beneficial to tissue health and reducing live disease bacteria in infected areas.

Reduce Stress
Stress is a common cause of teeth grinding and clenching. Consider making choices that help limit stressors and participate in relaxation techniques such as yoga. The use of an appliance during sleep may also help prevent excess strain due to muscle tension.

More Facts About Receding Gums

Gums recede for several different reasons. The primary cause of gum recession is due to gum disease. When bacteria invade the area around the tooth it causes the gums to detach and creep farther down the root. Other causes include the use of tobacco, abrasive toothbrushing techniques, tooth misalignment and grinding.

Receding gums do not grow back, however, lost gum tissue can reconnect in the area of the gingival pocket (the pocket below the gums next to the tooth). This can prevent further gum recession. Gum tissue can only reattach if the area is healthy and free of gum disease.

If receding gums are due to gum disease, treating the gum infection will halt the progression of the gum loss. In most cases you cannot re-grow gum tissue on your own. It is important to stop gum recession before it progresses to the point where you need surgical gum grafting. You can encourage gum reattachment in areas of gum disease by reversing the disease and keeping the tissue healthy.

If your gum recession is due to gum disease it is possible to help reverse the gum infection. Unfortunately gums do not typically repair themselves. It is best to treat the condition by stopping whatever is causing it and then seek professional help for advanced stages of gum recession. If gums have simply lost connection to the tooth, this gum pocket can be repaired through treating the gum disease and creating a healthy environment for the tooth.

Common causes of receding gums are:

Gum disease

Tobacco use

Abrasive toothbrushing

Misaligned teeth


Orthodontic treatment

Some teeth are more susceptible to recession than others. If you have a tooth that is out of alignment (such as due to severe crowding) or in an area where you scrub harder during brushing (this typically happens near the corners of the mouth), then those teeth may be more likely to suffer from receding gums.

Brushing the area too hard or using too stiff of a toothbrush can actually cause your gums to recede even more. Only use a soft-bristled brush and apply just enough pressure where the tissue begins to blanch. Overaggressive brushing can cause more recession as well as enamel abrasion. Likewise, delaying treatment or using tobacco products can encourage the advancement of receding gums.

If gum recession is allowed to progress, it causes a lack of support around your affected tooth. When tooth support is compromised, the tooth can become loose or mobile. Over time this mobility typically results in loss of the tooth due to its inability to firmly stay in the socket. 

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