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Written By Finnegan Pierson / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Most people appreciate the importance of brushing their teeth every day. Yet, when life is busy, it's easy to put any additional maintenance on the back burner.

From the time that a child's baby teeth first come in, proper care should be addressed daily. Oral health contributes to your overall health; it's essential to take care of your teeth.

Visit Your Dentist Twice a Year to maintain oral health

You should see your dentist regularly — ideally every six months — for checkups and cleanings. Even if you do everything you can for your oral health, the dentist has the equipment to go a step further.

Your dentist can remove calculus and watch for issues, such as cavities, gum disease or more severe problems. If your teeth are coming in less-than-ideally, you should see a dental professional, like those at Chandler Orthodontics, to avoid more severe problems.

Brush Twice a Day to maintain oral health

Brush your teeth immediately after getting up in the morning to get rid of bacteria that have accumulated overnight. Then, brush before bed. Bedtime brushing is especially essential because you're getting rid of germs, food and plaque that builds up during the day.

Brush Correctly to maintain oral health

Almost as critical as how often you brush is developing the proper brushing technique. Being too slack or too rough can be as harmful as completely failing to brush.

Move the toothbrush in slow, gentle, circular motions. This technique will remove plaque before it can harden. The hardened plaque will eventually lead to calculus build-up and, ultimately, gingivitis (i.e., early gum disease).

Brush Your Tongue to maintain oral health

Brushing your tongue is also vital, as plaque will build up there, as well. Your tongue can be a significant contributor to bad breath.

Floss Every Day to maintain oral health

People often neglect to floss, but it's an essential aspect of dental health. Flossing once or twice a day will rid teeth of trapped food particles, reduce plaque, stimulate gums and decrease gum inflammation.

Today, there are several types of floss products that will benefit you; it just depends on your preference. Traditional floss comes in different forms and flavors (e.g., mint or cinnamon), and you can also get ready-to-use dental flossers that are easier to use than string floss, requiring less dexterity.

Use Mouthwash to maintain oral health

Mouthwash isn't necessary, but it certainly helps in oral health. It kills germs in hard-to-brush areas, remineralizes teeth and reduces acidity in your mouth.

Mouthwash is particularly beneficial for children and older people who don't have the dexterity they need to brush correctly. Many people have been turned off by mouthwash because it "burns," but there are equally-good kinds that don't. There are also special mouthwashes for kids that clean well while showing them how well they're brushing.

Choose Crunchy, Healthy Foods to maintain oral health

Fresh fruits and vegetables are not only excellent for your overall health, but the crunchy ones (e.g., apples, carrots, celery) are great for your teeth and exercising your jaws. Plus, the crunchy type also contains more fiber, improving digestion.

Minimize Sugary and Acidic Foods and Drinks to maintain oral health

While it's not necessary to avoid them, it helps to limit the number of sugary foods and drinks you consume each day. Sugar will transform into acid, eventually eroding the tooth enamel.

Other foods, such as acidic fruits, and beverages, such as coffee and tea, can also deteriorate the enamel.

Drink Water to maintain oral health

For your overall health, water should be your go-to beverage. If you don't drink water with your meal, oral health professionals strongly encourage drinking it after every meal; it'll wash away foods and liquids that have sticky or acidic properties.

Consult your dentist about how often you should visit; it typically depends on your age and health history. And, by all means, go as soon as you notice any problems or abnormalities. Your diligence will pay off in the years to come.

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