The Magical Properties Of Myrrh

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Another oil that is found in the bible, myrrh, was referenced as one of the gifts that the wise men brought baby Jesus in the New Testament. However, this wasn't the only time the oil was mentioned. It was actually referenced over 100 times. Pretty impressive.

This lends itself to the effectiveness of the oil and the many different uses that it can have. A resin-like substance, the oil that is derived from it is closely related to Frankincense. Here are some proven ways that the oil can be effectively used.

Anti-Cancer Components

When something claims to be anti-cancer, it can't be taken lightly. But it's something that has been proven from numerous studies. In 2011, a study found that myrrh has the ability to reduce the proliferation of cancer cells. This means that it can halt the emphatic replication of cells that are cancerous.

It was found that myrrh has the capability of inhibiting the growth of many different types of cancer cells, not just one specifically. Of course, they are just scratching the surface of how truly impacting myrrh oil can be for cancer, but this is amazing news for the future of cancer treatment.

Wound Treatment

Because of its antibacterial and anti fungal properties, this oil is great to dress wounds with. It will protect the wounds from infections and certain other vulnerabilities that can further harm or exacerbate a simple, surface wound.

It can also be used to effectively treat ringworm, athlete's foot and acne that is often caused by bad germs getting on the face and clogging up your pores. Using clean hands, you can apply the oil directly onto the wound. One to two drops should be sufficient.

Dry Skin

If you suffer from dry skin when the seasons change and get cooler, myrrh is a great oil for you to use. It's also great to use on skin that easily gets chapped and cracked. Do you find that your lips become really chapped around certain times of year?

This is the perfect oil for you. It has natural moisturizing properties which will help you to maintain healthy, smooth skin. You can make your own balms and oil-infused mixtures that contain myrrh, lavender, lemon and coconut oil for those winter months that can help to restore your skin back to where it needs to be.

Oral Health

The anti-inflammatory properties of myrrh oil can help with many issues that can arise in the mouth. Firstly, it's important that you take the necessary precautions with your mouth and are brushing and flossing on a regular basis. In the event that you start to experience some type of gum irritation or tooth discomfort, this oil will help.

Gingivitis and ulcers of the mouth are usually caused by germs in the mouth. Myrrh oil can target and eliminate the germs swiftly and quickly. The pure oil can be applied directly to the gums and teeth as needed.

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