How Your Oral Health Affects Your Overall Health

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Written By Anica Oaks / Reviewed By Ray Spotts
Dentists can tell a lot about a patient’s health just by looking at their teeth, gums and tongue. Oral health is both an indicator and an influencer of overall well-being, so you should always pay attention to new or worsening problems. Regular dental examinations are a fundamental component of any comprehensive personal health care strategy. Routine cleaning and maintenance preserves the long-term health of teeth and also gives a medical professional a chance to check for signs of more serious problems.


Periodontitis And Heart Disease

There may not be an obvious connection between your gums and your heart, but there is actually a strong correlation between oral and cardiovascular health. Periodontitis, or inflammation of the gums, has been linked to several kinds of serious heart health complications. There are still some unknowns about the exact mechanisms and risk factors involved, but any chance of infection or inflammation of cardiovascular tissue is a life-threatening risk.

Other Infections And Complications

Possible heart problems aren’t the only reason you should seek preventative dental care to address emerging oral health issues. The mouth is the gateway to the entire body, which means it is the first line of defense against all kinds of bacteria and other pathogens. Poor oral health and hygiene allows bacteria to linger and multiply, which exposes the brain, digestive system and bloodstream to dangerous germs.

Chronic And Intermittent Pain

Even if it starts out as little more than dull discomfort, constant toothaches and other forms of dental pain can really diminish your quality of life. Depending on the cause, pain may emerge and fade suddenly or linger indefinitely throughout the day. Discomfort can prompt patients to avoid certain types of foods or rely on temporary pain management techniques, which could also have an adverse impact on overall health.

Social And Psychological Health

While they may not be as life-threatening as the possibility of a heart infection, poor oral health also has consequences for your emotional and psychological well-being. A healthy mouth is fundamental to a strong smile, while self-consciousness about poor oral health is a common source of social inhibition. Maintaining sensible oral health practices is the best way to promote clean teeth and healthy gums.

The condition of your gums, teeth and mouth has direct and indirect implications for many aspects of your overall health. Most dental problems are much easier to prevent or address in their early stages, so it’s better to seek solutions now rather than later when possible.

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