How To Treat Gum Boils

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

A gum boil can occur any time, and is most often a sign of bacterial infection that requires treatment from a dentist or doctor. Gum boils begin as small lumps on the gums, can occur anywhere along the gums, and last for days or weeks if not treated. They are often painful, and that pain is usually the first indicator that there is a problem.

Checking for gum boils

To find if you have a gum boil it is necessary to use a mirror to inspect the gums. It is important to check both the inside and the outer side of the gums and check around the teeth directly and all the way to where the gums meet the cheeks.

A gum boil can occur at the root of the tooth, within the supportive tissue around the tooth, or along the gumline. All require the same treatments to relieve the pain and to heal the boil.

Signs that you should check for a gum boil or abscess include bad breath that is not cured by regular brushing and flossing, bleeding of the gums or around the teeth, any pus or swollen gums, tooth sensitivity to temperature changes, pain in the ears, nausea, and as the infection spreads a fever will appear to help the body fight the bacteria.

At-home treatments for gum boils

When the infection is small there may be some success with treatments to be completed at home, which may be useful while waiting for a dentist or if you have a very minor infection. These include rinsing and gargling with a salt-water rinse made of regular table salt added to water; a rinse for the mouth created using diluted peroxide; essential oils such as garlic, clove, or tea tree oils; or even a paste created by adding mustard oil to turmeric and salt.

These methods should be used carefully to be sure the infection has cleared. An untreated infection within the body can lead to a spread to the blood and even the bones, leading to increased illness.

Gumboils and your dentist

A dentist will assess the abscess and create a plan for treatment. This will most likely include an antibiotic to remove the infection and may include a mouthwash to treat the gums directly. Most are taken for seven to 10 days depending upon the medication chosen and the severity of the infection. If the infection has reached the root of the tooth there may need to be a root canal performed or even a tooth extraction in some cases.

A gum boil can be a small irritation that is easily treated and cleared or it may become a larger infection that affects the entire area and can lead to a root canal procedure. To ensure the most effective treatment of this bacterial infection a dental appointment should be made, and many dentists will have emergency appointments available for such occurrences.

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