Gingivitis: How To Prevent It And What To Do If You Have It

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Gingivitis is the name of gum disease that begins with a bacterial infection and has several symptoms and treatments, allowing it to be managed even when it occurs. Some preventative measures can help keep it at bay.

It may take days or weeks to improve gingivitis through at-home treatments, but it rarely requires further intervention. Once diagnosed by a dentist some treatments can begin, gums should return to their normal health, and lasting concerns can be avoided.

Symptoms of gingivitis

Gingivitis symptoms include swelling and discomfort in the gums. The gums will appear red rather than a healthy pink, and bleeding will ensue upon brushing.

In some cases gums may bleed even when not brushing, as the inflammation and swelling will create irritation around the teeth leading to bleeding. Gums may begin receding away from the teeth leaving them at risk for root vulnerability and even the chance that teeth may be lost.

As gums recede from the teeth they may become loose, with less holding them in place, and this can create tooth loss over time or when any slight trauma occurs. The bacteria growing within the mouth can create bad breath that is hard to stop, and the more the bacteria are able to multiply the worse the problem will become.

Pain may start in the gums and the teeth, and as inflammation and swelling worsen, so will the bleeding gums and the pain.

Deep cleaning and gingivitis

Treating gingivitis begins with removing all build-up from the teeth. A deep cleaning can be performed by a dental hygienist with a check-up from the dentist to locate any problem spots and create a treatment plan.

During a deep cleaning the teeth are scaled by either a metal dental tool or with a pressurized water stream. This removes all plaque and tarter from the teeth. The teeth are cleaned even below the gum line to remove build-up and clean out any pockets that have formed between the gums and the teeth. An antiseptic may be used to ensure bacteria are removed.

To maintain clean teeth and help gums to heal, dental hygiene must be maintained. Brushing and flossing twice daily will help to prevent build-up on the teeth, and floss should be hugged around each tooth to scrape off build-up the toothbrush cannot remove.

It is also important to clean the gums while brushing the teeth. Water floss devices can be used to clean gums and help reduce build-up between teeth. Gingivitis may still occur, but will be easier to manage and faster to clear up.

If left untreated gingivitis can lead to other health concerns and even affect heart health in some, making it a fairly easy to treat problem that can have big consequences.

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