Essential Oils That Are Good For Your Teeth

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

There are many essential oils that can be used for dental health. Essential oils can be used to treat tooth pain, help to whiten teeth, and even remove plaque build-up and help keep teeth clean and free of cavities. Their antibacterial, antimicrobial, and ant-inflammatory properties make these oils especially well suited for use on teeth and gums. All oils must be diluted and mixed appropriately and used as directed.

Clove Oil

Clove oil is both antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, which allows it to get rid of the bacteria causing any infection, as well as assist in decreasing the inflammation. As the inflammation itself is often the cause of the discomfort, this oil will treat tooth pain and the underlying causes.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is also well suited for toothaches, due to its ability to ease nerve pain. In some cases dentists may even recommend chewing on a mint leaf to relieve tooth pain while waiting for the antibiotics to ease the infection. As peppermint oil is antiviral and antimicrobial it helps fight infection while treating the toothache itself.


Eucalyptus is another option for treating teeth and is a well-known pain reliever used through a diffuser. By breathing in the scent of the oil through a diluted mixture in the air it will reduce pain while its disinfectant properties help to treat the root cause and keep the mouth clean and free of infection as well. Due to these properties eucalyptus is often used in fighting cold and flu symptoms as well as other infections. Many products containing this oil can be found in the cold and flu aisle for ease of use.


Cinnamon has been shown to reduce plaque build-up along teeth and gums, which allows for breath to stay fresh. It is often included in chewing gum for that purpose, but also to reduce the occurrence of cavities and inflammation caused by plaque build-up. It also has antimicrobial properties that will remove any bacteria and stave off potential infections.

Lemon Oil

For tooth whitening, lemon oil can be used due to its ability to lighten colors, much like bleach. It can reduce stains while limiting bacteria growth and decreasing the likelihood of infections occurring. To maintain a healthy mouth, use lemon oil as a rinse to bring a whitening and antibacterial effect.

There are many options when choosing an essential oil to care for your teeth, and as they perform so many tasks it might even be better to use more then one. While they can fight bacteria, infections, and toothache, they can also help to whiten teeth and keep the teeth and mouth healthy and cavity free. Knowing which oil is best for which purpose allows for the creation of a system that is personalized with oils that can be easily found.

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Kassandra Foreman has been writing freelance for five years now and enjoys learning about new things to write about. When not writing she teaches yoga and meditation with a focus on health and fitness.

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