Does Cosmetic Dentistry Actually Help Your Health?

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Written By Meghan Belnap / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

If you're trying to get that Hollywood smile, you might think your pursuit of pearly-white perfection is only for looks. However, cosmetic dentistry is about more than just vanity. Keeping your teeth in good shape means taking care of their appearance as well as their function, and seemingly cosmetic treatments offer many surprising benefits. Here are four ways that procedures from a cosmetic dentist can improve your health.

Prevent Bone Loss

Teeth are like dominoes. When one tooth is pulled or falls out, your jaw becomes weaker, which leads to the rest of your teeth moving around and loosening. Replacing damaged teeth with implants or fixing them with veneers, crowns or bonding can help keep the rest of your teeth firmly rooted in your mouth. Keeping your jawbone healthy also prevents your face from looking sunken in, which can age your appearance.

Make Dental Hygiene Easier

Did you know that less than one-third of Americans floss daily as recommended to prevent cavities and gum disease? Crowded teeth, gaps, chips and cracks make teeth more difficult to clean and care for, which leads to a higher risk of decay. Cosmetic procedures like braces, crowns and veneers can eliminate hard-to-reach nooks and crannies so your teeth stay clean and healthy. A handsome set of teeth is also a great incentive to keep up with your oral care routine.

Reduce Mouth And Jaw Pain

Misaligned teeth are a common cause of chronic jaw pain that can be corrected with cosmetic treatments like braces and clear aligners. Chipped and cracked teeth can also cause pain because thin or missing enamel on the damaged areas makes teeth more sensitive to heat and cold. Damaged teeth are also more susceptible to cavities, decay and abscess, which can cause a great deal of pain.

Boost Mental Health

Your smile is a big part of your self-image, and teeth that look terrible can take a big toll on your mental health. People with poor teeth often feel more stress and less confidence than people with healthy looking teeth. Ugly teeth can even make it difficult to get hired for a job or advance in your career. If a chipped or dull tooth is making your life difficult, cosmetic dentists like The Smile Architects can help with whitening or caps that will give you back a uniform smile.

Is cosmetic dentistry out of your budget? Don't treat your teeth like a luxury. There are many ways to save money or spread out the cost, such as Care Credit, payment plans or getting treatment from a student dentist. Fixing your teeth is an investment in your health that can pay great dividends.

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