Dentin – What Is It And What Should You Know?

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts 

Dentin is the thickest area of the tooth and makes up most of the tooth itself. The makeup of a tooth consists of a few layers. The outer layer is the enamel. The next is the dentin. The pulp that is within the dentin surrounds the nerves.

Enamel and dentin

A tooth is coated in enamel, and this enamel is the hardest part of the tooth. It is a harder surface than bone and shelters the inner tooth by diverting the pressure caused by eating and chewing.

It also protects the tooth from food and other particles coming in contact with the dentin and the areas that communicate directly to the root of the tooth. This stops pain and discomfort during eating.

What goes on underneath dentin

Underneath the dentin is the thickest part of the tooth, a combination of nutrients and minerals that are mostly calcium and phosphate. This dentin is harder than bone - but is not as hard as enamel - and protects the pulp and nerve endings.

This dentin provides the bulk to the tooth and protects the tooth pulp that conveys messages to the nerve endings. The dentin has portions that are self reproducing and can increase the amount of dentin as aging occurs.

When small cavities appear, dentin tries to replace the enamel and dentin that has been lost to the cavity. This will not replicate the enamel and will require a dental filling to form the protective layer back over the dentin and the pulp to keep the cavity from getting larger and to protect from pain and discomfort.

As normal aging occurs dentin may replace some of the pulp within the tooth and become closer to the nerve endings.

Pain and its relation to dentin

The nerves that run throughout dentin communicate through the pulp within the tooth. This is how pain is communicated through dentin when a cavity occurs in the enamel.

The further into the dentin the cavity forms the more likely there is to be increased pain in an ongoing manner. Once a cavity has ben filled there is a layer of filling material between the dentin and the air around the tooth, once again protecting it from food and beverages.

The inner layer of tooth dentin is responsible for the bulk of the tooth. It is under the enamel and is softer than enamel is but is stronger than the bones. It surrounds the pulp of the tooth and protects the nerves and roots. As dentin is the majority of the tooth it is important to maintain the protective enamel layer that covers it.

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