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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

There are some dental procedures that require sedation or anesthesia. It can be a local anesthetic that numbs an area of the mouth or the entire mouth if needed.

There is also a form of sedation that encourages a deep sleep to keep the patient from feeling any pain. It is important to have an open conversation with your dentist to decide which procedure is right for you, and there are some important questions to ask before making your decision.

A local anesthesia can be applied topically or injected into the area to be treated. This is the most common choice for a minor filling or other minor dental work.

It numbs the area completely so no pain is felt during the procedure, and in general it will last for up to an hour though some may find it lasts longer. This is a fairly safe anesthesia to use and you can return to their normal activity afterwards.

You will be able to communicate with your dentist and others during the procedure and will be fully awake and aware, but no pain will be felt.

Risks and side effects of dental anesthesia

Sedation can be used for longer procedures. There are different levels of sedation including a light sedation where you are fully conscious and aware of what is going on around you. In this state you can respond to questions and follow directions.

A deeper sedation can keep you close to unconscious where you will be less responsive and aware but still able to respond to some things. When a longer or more painful procedure is needed, a general anesthesia is used.

This causes a deep sleep where no pain is felt and you are unaware of what is occurring. You will have no memory of the procedure and it may take a longer for the body to be clear of the anesthesia.

When discussing anesthesia options it is vital to inform your dentist of any health concerns and all your current medications. This will help to decide which method is correct for your needs.

It is important to ask what will be used, how long the effects will last, how you will feel during the procedure and what to expect. Each type of anesthesia has a risk of side effects and it is important to ask what they might be, which are more likely, and how to manage them.

Always ask if there is anything you should do to prepare for the procedure; some require a fasting period or limited consumption of foods and drinks.

It is important when discussing any anesthesia to know what to expect before, during, and after the procedure. It is necessary to ensure clear communication about all medications and medical concerns, even some that may seem unrelated or minor, and to ask all the questions you have, as well as share any concerns or fears.

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