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Written By Emma Gill / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Thinking about the dentist's chair and getting goose bumps already? It is more likely than you think, and not surprisingly you are not the only one with this concern.

People from every age group have expressed their fear of visiting a dental clinic, be it a child or a middle-aged person. It is a very general concern, and people have the right to be scared of a dental clinic, considering the scary-looking pieces of equipment and devices. Though, the fear should never stop you from taking good care of your oral health.

There are plenty of things that only a professional can tackle. Combating adverse oral health is one of them, which is why the use of sedation in oral healthcare is readily growing.

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is one of the growing trends in oral healthcare because it helps in offering a pain-free experience to all such dental patients that do not wish to go through a painful dental treatment.

Although sedation is a process that people usually do not link with oral health, it truly has helped a large number of people to get that much needed dental treatment under its influence. In case you are new to sedation dentistry, here are a few points that you must understand about dental sedation that would enable you to make an informed decision in the future.

What is sedation dentistry?

As the name suggests, sedation dentistry includes the practice of using sedatives to numb the pain that dental equipment may trigger with its usage. Dentists use an anesthetic or sedative to numb the pain entirely or to relax solely, both depending on your case. 

Many patients are scared to visit a dentist or have a low pain tolerance, which stops them from getting professional treatment. Sedation dentistry works exactly to benefit such people by relaxing the patient with its controlled dosage and later carrying out the whole dentistry procedure. This procedure varies from a simple dental cleaning process to a complicated root canal surgery.

Types of sedatives used

There are various types of sedation that dentists use according to the case they handle.

Oral sedation: The oral sedation method requires the patient to consume a tablet or pill, such as Halcion, before the procedure. The medication induces relaxation and drowsiness, which allows the patient to forget about the pain. It does not fully send the patient into slumber, but still, the effect of medication reduces the pain to a large extent.

Laughing gas: Laughing gas is the most common sedative that dentists use during a dental examination. Laughing gas or nitrous oxide, when combined with oxygen, relaxes the patient to undergo dental treatment without anxiousness. A majority of people prefer this method as the effects of nitrous oxide do not last long.

IV sedation: IV sedation or intravenous sedation is a method of sedative administration through the vein. It allows doctors to have steady control of the amount and levels of sedative to be given to the patient. Sedatives also work their way into the patient quickly through this method of administration.

Anesthesia: Anesthesia is a method that doctors use to induce complete unconsciousness in a patient. In case the doctor needs to sedate the patient deeply, this method works well to attain almost or complete unconsciousness that lasts throughout the procedure. It is not generally the most widely used form, but several cases demand a complete lack of consciousness, which makes it the most suitable sedation.

Who needs dental sedation?

Everyone willing to achieve a pain-free procedure can opt for sedation dentistry. However, it is most appropriate for people who have a low pain threshold, anxiety, bad gag reflex, or a lengthy dental procedure, which can get extremely painful with time.

Sedation dentistry is also suitable for kids, as children do not have high pain tolerance and move a lot in the chair. If you are okay with a little pain, then you can skip sedation. Though if you genuinely need the help of sedatives to calm your nerves, then talk to the doctor about your case to find the best solution.

Is it safe?

The safety of sedatives depends upon two significant aspects. First, your dentist must be highly qualified to administer a sedative, or they should have a professional with them to carry out the task. Secondly, your doctor must know your medical history to decide which sedative to choose from, or whether to administer it at all or not. You must disclose your medical history to overcome any potential risks.

We hope the information simplifies the doubt surrounding sedation dentistry. Though, before opting for it, make sure to consult your nearest doctor or dentist and learn more about sedation dentistry!


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