Can Dental Tissue Be Regenerated For Growing Teeth?

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Written By Jennifer Raskin / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

The field of dentistry has experienced a huge technological renaissance over the last several decades. You don’t need an expert to tell you that if you’ve been going to the dentist for your checkups since your childhood. Whereas once that goop was shoved in your mouth to make molds for braces and retainers and other treatments felt like they involved a sledgehammer, dentistry has evolved tremendously.

That’s definitely good news for those who have a chronic fear of the dentist. And while skipping out on your dental appointments isn’t advised, the damage that you’ve incurred while going into hiding may just be easier - and less painful - to repair.

One of the latest technologies in dentistry involves that of using dental tissue to grow teeth. It sounds very sci-fi, but dental stem cell and dental tissue regeneration are on the way and it could save countless smiles.

In the case of cavities for example, your dentist needs to dig out the decay and the area around it and then fill that bigger hole with some kind of material - plastic, metal, or glass cement - to seal it back up. This new method though would involve getting our teeth to regrow themselves.

A Step Closer

That doesn’t mean you should stop brushing or let your oral hygiene go. The studies are in their infancy stages and aren’t yet at the phase of being conducted on humans at this point. But it’s a step closer and decades ago, no one would have dreamed that dentistry would move out of the dark ages of pure torture that it once was.

According to Scientific American, once more progress is made and this moves from experimental into dental offices everywhere, it will be one of the most important dental advances in the last 50 years. Teeth are always bearing the brunt of what we eat and from those microbes mingling around in our mouths. This does a lot of damage and degrades the enamel. But your teeth are capable of repairing themselves in minor ways.

Unfortunately though, when you don’t maintain a healthy oral hygiene routine, acids can eat through your enamel and ruin the underlying layers all the way to the dentin. It’s important to take good care of your teeth to keep this from happening and prevent cavities. Understanding this though is the key to boosting the natural healing ability of teeth by getting the stem cells deep in the tissue to repair themselves.

Dental tissue can be regenerated for growing teeth, though the technique needs to be perfected and then tested on willing human subjects first before it goes mainstream. The good news is that in a few years, researchers think it’s very possible and with this level-up in dentistry, you will certainly be able to smile more!

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