6 Dental Mistakes Parents Make With Their Kids’ Teeth

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Written By Sophie Zoria / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Being a parent means the absence of days off and the possibility of losing control of the situation. It is necessary to take care of a child round the clock, no matter whether you are exhausted or sick. Once you lose control, it will repeat again and again; hence you will have to suffer from unpleasant circumstances afterward. Oral care is one of the most significant issues of bringing up a baby as it is better to get the right habits in childhood. Nevertheless, some parents do not take preventative dentistry seriously and make mistakes with their kid’s teeth. If you want to see a wide smile on your baby’s face and be sure your daughter or son will not have any problems with adult teeth, then find out what mistakes can prevent you from the desired outcome.

What Some Parents Do Improperly

Bringing up children is not only about enjoying sweet hugs and reading books. It requires constant work from an adult. That’s why you’d better have a regular dental checkup and try to avoid possible mistakes many parents make when it comes to oral hygiene. So, you should never:

Let Them Brush Their Teeth Alone

Due to the absence of motor skills, children can’t clean their teeth effectively. It means you need to be near and help your kid with teeth cleaning till the age of seven. Make sure there are no pieces of food left on the teeth surface and it is absolutely clean. You can also clean the teeth simultaneously to encourage your kid to do the same.

Postpone Dental Visits

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that 14 percent of kids aged two to eight years have cavities in their baby teeth. It is because some parents are sure there is no necessity to see a family dentist to take care of primary teeth. This is a great misbelief. Actually, the first teeth are crucial for having good and healthy adult gums. It is recommended to visit a dentist when the first tooth has appeared. Keep in mind that cavities in baby teeth must be treated despite the fact that they will fall out.

Put The Baby To Bed With A Bottle

Many parents allow their child to go to bed with a bottle to calm down and fall asleep. While this can solve the problem of a bad dream, you can still face a new one. After drinking milk or juice, the sugar stays on the baby’s teeth for a long time, which can lead to cavities and the necessity to approach childs’ dentistry. Try to find other ways to make your baby sleep well.

Allow Pacifiers For An Extended Period Of Time

Some parents think sucking pacifiers or fingers help kids calm down and overcome tooth pain when the first teeth are appearing. Just keep in mind that this may lead to the wrong position of the teeth, so it is better to refuse to offer pacifiers until your kid is two years old. The earlier you start getting rid of this habit, sooner you will reach your goal.

Provide Junk Food Or Sweet Treats

Thinking that only soda is harmful to the baby’s teeth is not correct. Juice is also damaging young gums due to the sugar it contains. Offer milk or water instead and you will not have to deal with dental emergencies. Exclude sugary food as well as it can destroy the enamel and cause cavities.


Proper daily dental habits are only half a success. Parents must teach their children to take care of their teeth regularly and correctly. Besides, it is important to see a doctor for child dental services every six months. Avoiding these mistakes will not be easy, however, soon you will see a positive outcome and make your baby feel confident. Set the rules and follow them strictly day after day and replace bad habits with useful ones.

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