5 Types Of Dental Cavity Fillings

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Written By Shen Chao / Reviewed By Ray Spotts  

Tooth decay is a global concern. There’s a war going on in everybody’s mouth. Billions of bacteria are constantly attacking our teeth that result in plaque buildup. But this battle is an invisible one because your teeth and the nasty bacteria are the same color!

And they immediately look for places to hide, such as the gum line and between the teeth. The plaque bacteria thrive on the sugary foods that we love to eat and drink.

The problem is that bacteria turn these sugars into acids. And acids eat into your tooth enamel. But this is where our body fights back, thanks to saliva! Our spit is rich in minerals, which means it effectively washes away plaque acids.

Twenty minutes is how long it takes for your spit to completely eliminate plaque buildup. But if more minerals are eaten away than replaced, the enamel collapses. And bacteria get into the tissues below. This leads to cavities and the tooth is in trouble. Dentists can clean the affected area and place cavity fillings that prevent the tooth from experiencing sensitivity and food particles from getting stuck.

Here’s a look at the five types of dental fillings that are commonly used by dentists:

5 Different Types of Dental Cavity Fillings:

Dental fillings come in different materials and not every type is fit for every single patient. Some may experience an allergic reaction when their mouth comes in contact with a material. Additionally, the cost of dental fillings may vary as per the patient’s preferred choice. Read on to learn more about these dental fillings and their effectiveness.


Gold inlays work in harmony with gum tissues and last well over 20 years. The only downside to gold fillings is that it is the most expensive and may need multiple dental visits.


Amalgam is a mixture of metals and allows proper functioning of the tooth. Amalgam fillings are wear-resistant and are not a very expensive investment. However, their dark color may make them more noticeable than porcelain and composite restorations. This is the very reason why amalgam fillings are not used for visible areas like the front teeth.

Composite White Filling

Composite white filling seamlessly blends with the color of the tooth. However, they are not as long lasting as other dental fillings. They may also chip or wear over time and can retain stains from the consumption of tea, coffee, or tobacco.

Porcelain Fillings

Porcelain fillings also match the color of the tooth and the advantage here is that they resist stains. A porcelain restoration covers a major area of the tooth. The downside is that it is almost as expensive as gold fillings.

Maintenance after Getting Cavities Filled

Cultivate Proper Brushing and Flossing

With dental fillings in place, you need to take extra care to ensure you’re keeping them clean. Cultivating proper brushing and flossing into your daily routine will ensure your fillings will last the lifetime of the product.

Use a soft bristles brush and make sure you keep your teeth especially clean after meals. Carry a toothbrush kit to your workplace if you think you might want to snack on some food throughout the day. Floss well to make sure you remove any food debris that’s stuck between your teeth.

Limit Sugary and Sticky Foods

We’re probably stating the obvious, but limiting sugary and sticky foods is necessary. Anything sugary or way too sticky is always going to stay in your mouth no matter how hard you try to keep your teeth clean.

Your dental fillings are placed for a purpose and it’s important that you keep the bad bacteria away. So don’t start bingeing on anything chewy or too sweet.

Avoid Eating Hard Foods

Hard foods should definitely be avoided when you have dental fillings. Your dental fillings are meant to simply fill gaps and allow you to chew and eat properly, but they cannot take the pressure of hard bites. Over time, your dental fillings are going to wear out faster than you think.

Visit Dentist for Checkups

Once you have your dental fillings on, it’s a good idea to visit your dentist for monthly dental checkups to make sure your fillings are in place. In some cases, with poor eating habits, patients may require additional visits to fill a worn out surface.

Get your cavities filled immediately if you are experiencing toothaches. An early treatment will always control the problem better and you will take better care of your teeth and oral health.

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