4 Ways To Treat Dental Pain

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Dental pain not only affects the mouth but can spread to the face and ears as well, making it important to address it as soon as possible. A slight short-term dental pain may not be cause for concern - and can be treated with over-the-counter medications or dental cleanings - but a lasting pain will require further treatment to address the root cause.

These solutions can range from brushing and flossing to removing food, thereby relieving the pain caused by the pressure of the food against the teeth or gums, to removing or repairing damaged teeth and solving any infections that may be present.

Salt water rinse and peroxide to treat dental pain

A saltwater rinse is often recommended to begin treating dental pain. This is a simple solution that can help remove small food particles or other objects from around the teeth, while also adding salt to the area which can assist in drawing out infection.

Using a peroxide rinse can also draw out infection and the antibacterial properties will kill the bacteria that is built up in the area. This can reduce pain and swelling that occurs. Brushing and flossing the teeth, followed by a salt rinse a few times daily, can drastically reduce dental pain and discomfort without causing complications for other causes.

Mouth guard to treat dental pain

Where grinding or clenching of the teeth is causing the pain, a night guard or mouth guard can be created. Reducing the pressure on the teeth will reduce the damage to the teeth.

Other solutions may include addressing any teeth that are damaged, infected, or even rotting. As a damaged tooth remains within the mouth it can affect the bite, increasing pain not only from the tooth itself but from other areas that are painful from an incorrect alignment. Repairing or removing teeth that are infected, have large cavities, or are in other ways damaged will reduce and remove the dental pain they cause.

Cold cloth or compress to treat dental pain

A slight toothache can often be helped with a cold cloth or compress held against the outside of the face where the pain is occurring. Much like a saltwater rinse this can reduce the swelling and inflammation in the area, relieving some of the pain. When this is not successful, a pain reliever can be used.

An anti-inflammatory pain reliever can be purchased at any pharmacy and most grocery stores, and will reduce the swelling that causes pain and can also assist in treating any infection present.

Antibiotic to treat dental pain

Where an infection is the cause of the pain, an antibiotic is needed to treat it as well as to address it. As the bacteria and mucus or pus build up with the infection it causes pressure around the tooth and causes pain. An antibiotic will kill the bacteria and reduce the buildup, relieving both the pressure and the pain.

To properly and fully treat dental pain it is important to locate and address the root cause directly. This can be achieved through saltwater or peroxide rinses, treating any present infection, or having damaged teeth removed to address the pain and reduce the chances of reoccurrence.

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