What Triggers Psoriasis?

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The skin condition psoriasis is still not fully understood. What we do know is that it is directly related to the immune system and how that influences the production of skin cells on the body. There is a T cell, which when it works properly, helps to fight off bacteria and viruses. Those who suffer from psoriasis have T cells that attack healthy skin cells, which causes the skin to show effects of the dilation of blood vessels that cause plaque on the skin. This is essentially what causes the skin to look how it does. When new skin cells transfer to the outermost layer of the skin too rapidly, dead skin and white blood cells gather and cause the skin breakouts. 

Here are the known triggers that often cause issues with psoriasis. If you, or someone you love, is struggling with the skin condition, take inventory of these known triggers to be able to pinpoint why the issue may be getting worse.


If you have any type of skin infection or something like strep throat, this weakens your immune system and makes you more susceptible to psoriasis outbreaks.


If you have suffered any type of injury to your skin, whether it be a bug bite, a scrape or cut, even a severe burn, your skin is working hard to fight off any potential infections and the onslaught of bacteria that is trying to access the wounded skin. This potentially can spur on a flare of psoriasis.


One of the preeminent causes of most flare ups in several conditions, stress can really cause psoriasis to become worse. Those who have highly stressful lifestyles may find that they have more rapid and constant outbreaks of psoriasis. Sometimes this manifests in bigger patches of affected skin.


Most people are well aware that smoking is terrible for your health and shouldn't be made a habit. Smoking has the potential to really lower your immunity and ability to fight off infections. Not only is smoking terrible for your oral health, but it also affects all other parts and aspects of your health as well including your skin.

Cold Weather

When the weather is too cold, many people deal with dry, cracked skin. Though this is the extent to which they deal with this issue, those who are susceptible to skin conditions or have a compromised immune system, may start to see the flaky and inflamed skin that is synonymous with psoriasis.

Specific Medications

Depending on what types of medications you take for any other conditions or ailments you have, they may interfere with your blood cells and cause a flare up of your skin condition. Certain drugs like beta blockers, blood pressure medication and iodides can sometimes have this unsavory effect.

There are numerous things that unfortunately can trigger and cause the onset of psoriasis. It's important to pay attention to potential environmental factors, lifestyle triggers or other aspects that can negatively impact the presence of psoriasis or spur it on in any way. 

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