The Problem With Silicones In Skin Products

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Over-the-counter hair and skin products are a huge industry. For generations, skin and hair care companies have been playing up insecurities and even vanities to appeal to the need to look a specific way. What many people don't know is that the chemicals present in some of the most popular, effective and well-regarded products are also inherently harmful or bad for you because of what's inside them. 

Silicones are incredibly popular as an ingredient in many skin and hair care products. The fundamental problem with silicones is that they are emollients. This means that when they coat the skin or the hair, they do so with a film that causes it to seal off the surface area.

This isn't ideal for a number of reasons. This prevents necessary moisture, conditioning and nutrient-rich elements from crossing that sealant barrier. So it effectively prevents needed vitamins and elements from getting where they should and increasing the wellness and luster of the skin and hair. The names that these silicones are typically seen under are dimethicone, dimethicone copolyol and cyclomethicone. They are estimated as being present in at least 80% of skin care and popular makeup brands. The element is also added to these skin care and hair products because it allows the application to be smoother. But at what cost? Silicone is known to cause irregularities in the body.

Breakouts And Dryness

The most common effect that is seen from the use of silicone on the skin, is the increase of breakouts and dryness. Because the skin isn't able to breathe the way that it should, or get the healthy nutrients present in other products, skin has been known to react badly. This can manifest itself in irritation of the skin, in blemishes, and dry patches. This is one of the reasons that so many skin care products by different companies are available. Different products cause the skin to react negatively and those chemicals are often present in more than one item.

The more frightening side effects of silicone are usually seen in much higher dosages. But that doesn't mean these effects aren't intrinsically possible at the level they exist in everyday products. Especially with their ubiquitous nature. Women who have undergone breast augmentation and have silicone implants have been falling ill from mysterious symptoms for decades. Yet, the FDA is barely paying attention to their claims or awarding them with just due compensation for their hardships.

In the 90s, over 450,000 women sued after experiencing silicone toxicity. They experienced symptoms such as pain, inflammation, connective tissue issues and immune dysfunction. Their lives were effectively turned upside down by these symptoms and some were so negatively affected that they had to become bed ridden.

The FDA has refused to speak to the danger of silicone, and the potential toxicity that women who receive these type of implants, are at the mercy of. Numerous cases and studies have been conducted that speak to the toxicity of this element. Yet it is still being used in skin care and implants. Something must be done to protect consumers. 

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