Natural Stretch Mark Treatment Options

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Due to various weight and skin changes, stretch marks can appear on various parts of the body. They typically appear during puberty, pregnancy or obesity. They can be the result of hormonal imbalances or excessive weight gain or loss. They are very commonly seen on the breasts, hips, butt and lower thighs. When the middle layer of the skin is stretched or expands too rapidly, stretch marks can appear. This is a result of the collagen and weakening or interruption of the skin's production cycle. These pesky scars can make people incredibly self conscious and prevent them from truly being comfortable in their body. Here are some natural ways to combat and lighten those scars.

Castor Oil

One of the best oils you can use on your skin. This oil has been known to provide correction to wrinkles, moles, dark spots and pimples. It's also a great way to treat stretch marks. Apply a thin layer of castor oil to the problem area and gently massage it into the skin for at least five minutes. You can then wrap the area with a thin cloth. Apply a heating pad or lay a heated water bottle on the cloth for at least 30 minutes. After a few weeks, you'll start seeing positive results.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is another great option that has many positive effects on skin issues. Namely, sunburns are often treated by this cool, highly concentrated gel. Adding a bit of vitamin E to this process will also have amazing effects on your skin. Mix three parts aloe vera and one part vitamin E together and rub the mixture on the affected area. Let it set for 15 minutes and then rinse it with lukewarm water. Repeat this process daily for a couple of weeks to start seeing results.

Lemon Juice

Lemons are one of the most amazing natural aids for many skin issues. The gentle acidic quality helps to break down the dead skin cells and free radicals that often linger on skin. It is also incredibly penetrating and will seep into the skin to reach the middle and deepest layers. Rub fresh lemon juice on your stretch marks in a circular motion. Let the juice soak into the skin for at least 20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water.

Cocoa Butter

This is one of the most effective methods to diminish and eradicate stretch marks. It's an excellent moisturizer and many stretch mark creams have some type of variation of this in their products. The ability for cocoa butter to nourish and soften your skin makes it a great treatment for stretch marks. Apply a thin layer of the butter over any affected area and massage in generously. Do this twice a day for at least a month to see the best results.

It's important to remember that many people have stretch marks and that they're more common than some realize. Don't let the presence of them determine whether or not you feel good about yourself and your body. 

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