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Around this time of year, we all get really bogged down by the stresses and expectations of the season, whether that be from family, friends, coworkers or ourselves. Winter months can be some of the most grueling and stressful. The holidays and all the running around are quickly counter-acted by the New Year and all the many resolutions that we tout off to ourselves - ones we barely keep three weeks into January. But here's something that is worth your focus and commitment: furthering and increasing your mental wellness and clarity. We all have incredibly busy lives. We have a bunch going on and we try to balance it all the best way we can. Some days were more effective at it than others. But listed below are ways to combat stress, increase mental clarity and boost overall wellness. 

Guard Self Esteem

This is essential whether you are entering into a new project, hobby or relationship. We are only as good and as effective in our lives as our skills, our attitude and our beliefs. Having a guarded and intrinsic sense of self-esteem and value will allow you to overcome obstacles and setbacks because you wont blame yourself irrationally. Logically, we cant all be good at all things, so when we fail or falter, perspective is key. It doesn't make us any less of a human being or any less capable, it just means were all fallible, which isn't going to change anytime soon. Don't let your blunders affect your stress levels or mental aptitude.

Get More Sleep

I know this sounds simpler then it can often be, but when you let your body rest for at least seven to eight hours each day, you are doing not only your body a huge favor, but your mind as well. Your cognitive processing improves significantly the more well-rested you are. This will help in all aspects of your life. It will make you sharper, more patient and able to navigate situations that may require more focus and concentration. Those who run on little sleep often run on fumes. They are more likely to make errors, have elevated stress levels and suffer from anxiety.

Eliminate Junk

This can be applied to many different areas in your life - whether you are naturally messy or have a penchant for fast food. Junk is slowly cluttering and taking over our lives in a negative way. If there isnt much order to your home or your belongings and you feel like you lose things because not everything has a proper place, this can be mentally taxing. There are numerous books that speak to the benefits of tidying up spaces and how it affects our peace of mind. Similarly, our internal health continues to be compromised by the amount of junk food we consume as a society. Not only are these dietary practices incredibly harmful to our physical health, but our mental health as well. It compromises mental acuity as well and can lead to depression.

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