Healing Properties Of Cananga Oil

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The name cananga may be unfamiliar to you, but it has roots and history that span back thousands of years. It is derived directly from the flowers of a tree by the same name, found in Asia. The oil can be used as a herbal remedy for many different ailments. It also is used for other items such as perfume, aromatherapy and massage oil. Cananga is actually a common ingredient for some of the most popular aromatherapy products. Things like scented sprays, body lotions and massage oils add it for its restorative properties and fragrant aroma. 

This oil is multifaceted and can be used in a myriad of different ways. Those who use it as a massage oil find that it seeps into their pores and provides better circulation and blood flow in their body. It is also said to treat high blood pressure by relaxing and cooling down the system. Another usage is for stress and anxiety. Those who are under a huge amount of pressure or strain should purchase this oil for its calming and restorative properties. You'll be feeling more relaxed and Zen in no time.

Transformed Skin

Many people aren't aware that this oil can also be used to help eliminate oily skin. If you suffer from constantly looking greasy or oily, this may be the perfect anecdote. Some think that treating an oily finish with more oil would be counterintuitive. It actually isn't. The oil that is produced naturally on the skin is called sebum and sometimes it is produced in excess because of a lack of moisture. Cananga oil is thin enough to provide adequate moisture and easily seeps into the skin, providing it with the balance that it so desperately needs. The ability that this oil has to transform skin is really powerful. More people should include it in their daily skincare regimen.

Soothe Scaly Skin

It's also known for its ability to give skin conditions the necessary vitamins and nutrients they require for healing. Skin issues like eczema and psoriasis can be downright debilitating to deal with, especially in extreme cases. Cananga oil works hard to soothe the scaly skin and promotes restoring the skin cells that are impaired. Try using this once a day on your affected areas and you'll be amazed at how they react to the oil.

Due to its strong herbal qualities, it can also be used as a cleaning agent for bug bites and cuts. There's nothing worse than finding a cut or scratch on you and having to find an antiseptic that hurts to clean it. A few drops of this oil will completely clean the wound, preventing any hurtful or harmful infections or bacteria from reaching it. It will also promote accelerated healing through its restorative properties and renewing agents. Use a couple of drops over the entirety of the cut and seal with a Band-Aid. You'll be surprised just how quickly it heals, often times without leaving a scar.

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