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Candida is incredibly common and most people have some form of it. The problem however lies in the overgrowth of candida that can occur. The excess of candida can lead to many health issues, and if they aren't properly addressed, they will only compound and perhaps trigger other health concerns. 

Candida is a fungus, which is based from yeast. Generally, and normally, a very small amount exists in your intestines and mouth. Its main purpose is to be able to aid in nutrient absorption and digestion. However, the overproduction of this fungus will cause issues.

When candida is overproduced it can break down the walls of your intestines and get into the bloodstream. This releases yeast and fungal components into your body. This process is known as the precursor for leaky gut syndrome. Unfortunately, there is a wide variety of issues that can be developed from this phenomenon - things like digestive issues, depression, white coated tongue, brain fog and bad breathe can often be symptoms of candida. For those who have a balanced system, the natural bacteria in your gut often keeps your candida levels stable. But there are certain things that can trigger the overgrowth and make you incredibly symptomatic.

Candida Triggers

Specific triggers for candida include a poor diet or a diet high in sugars and carbohydrates, the consumption of high levels of alcohol, taking oral contraceptives, eating high levels of fermented foods, high stress levels, or taking too many antibiotics for any number of infections. The reason antibiotics can be harmful is that they effectively kill off the good bacteria which neutralizes the candida. If you suffer from intense mood swings, severe seasonal allergies, skin issues, vaginal infections or intense sugar cravings you very well may be suffering from candida.

If you are concerned with how to successfully get rid of candida, there are a few steps that you need to take. The first thing you'll need to tackle is stopping the yeast overgrowth. Then you'll need to increase the friendly, helpful bacteria. After that, healing your gut is the last step. This ensures that candida will no longer be able to enter the bloodstream. In order to get the candida overgrowth under control, you'll need to switch to a low-carbohydrate diet, eliminating most of the hidden sugars you consume in juice, condiments, some fruits and packaged food.

Sugar feeds yeast. So in order to reverse the issue, an elimination of sugar is necessary. All desserts, candies, flours and alcohol should be completely avoided. Be very selective of the type of complex carbohydrates you ingest. We suggest sweet potatoes or beans. Keep this to only one cup a day - any more will naturally feed the candida. This small amount will allow the candida to not get as much fuel as it needs to thrive and it will die off.

Also make sure that you are incorporating the correct vitamins and minerals into your daily diet. This will help to regulate your immune system and will make it better equipped to ward off a new overgrowth of candida.

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