Dry Face No More: Shlinda Demonstrates How To Get Your Glow On With Amazingly Beautiful!

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YouTube beauty and lifestyle vlogger Shlinda recently began using the Amazingly Beautiful collection of face and body oil serums and let her viewers know how the experience went.

Shlinda says she gets asked a lot of questions about her skin care regimen and says that it has become even more important as she gets older. She encourages her viewers to start thinking about skin care in their late teens and twenties. Shlinda added that she loves glowing, radiant skin and feels the most beautiful when she isn't wearing any makeup.

Shlinda then shows her viewers what she has been using on her face and body that has been the key Amazingly Beautiful day and evening face oil serum. She says she loves the day face oil the most because it adds radiance to her skin and really absorbs into her face. This is one hundred percent oil guys, Shlinda says. The ingredients for the day serum are sweet almond kernel oil, lemon peel oil, orange peel oil, avocado fruit oil and olive fruit oil. And the evening serum consists of sweet almond kernel oil, orange peel oil, lemon oil, evening primrose seed oil and apricot kernel oil. This is like heaven sent for me because I am a dry girl.

Next, she demonstrates how she uses the oils. Once you start using it your face soaks it up, she says. I didn't realize I was depriving my face of these oils. They do have a disclaimer that in the first few days you might have a mild breakout and I actually did. What they're saying is that this is your face pretty much detoxifying itself. I absolutely love it.

She continues the video by saying that she applies the night oil the same way as the day oil. I apply it exactly the same way but do go a little heavier at night maybe seven to eight drops - because I really work this in at night.

She also uses the Amazingly Beautiful body serum when she gets out of the shower. This one is made of sweet almond kernel oil, orange peel oil, lime peel oil, lemon peel oil, olive fruit oil, and avocado fruit oil, she says. Its just oils. If you really want nice, supple, moisturized, glowy skin, this is it. I really like it guys. Be really smart and put oil into your skin. If you are a dry girl focus more on good oil one-hundred percent oil. If you are person like me that loves a variety of oils that come together and make beautiful things happen you definitely want to check out this the Amazingly Beautiful collection.

Click here to check out Shlindas Amazingly Beautiful Collection video.

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