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Brucea javanica was originally found in Southeast Asia and has been the subject of hundreds of studies regarding its amazing anti-inflammatory propensities. It has been shown to treat many different forms of maladies, including cancer. In a study published in a well-known, international journal called Cancer Letters, researchers discovered that a compound called brucein exists within the plant in copious amounts and had inhibited the growth of three different pancreatic cancer cell lines. This is highly impressive and an exciting discovery for the holistic field of medicine. 

What's more is that this plant is available in oil form and can be used on many different types of inflammation. If you suffer from external pain or soreness, try rubbing some of this oil into the areas that give you discomfort. If you suffer from some type of arthritis or rheumatism, this oil could prove to be a real beacon of hope for you and lessen the pain you experience on a very real level. To exist within your life in a semi or even constant state of pain can control and diminish how you spend your days. Opt for brucea javanica oil as a way to control the inflammation you constantly suffer with.

Many believe that the holistic and natural approach to illness and ailments should be the preferred method of treatment. It can be difficult at times when the research is not shown beyond personal experience and doesn't properly transcend into scientific studies. There are several reasons why this occurs. One of which is that the medical and drug industry won't profit off of these alternative treatments in the same manner that they do for their costly drug protocol. So the necessary research that is needed to confirm the benefit of elements that exist in nature doesn't happen as readily as it should.

It is usually within the cultural framework of tradition that the use of such natural measures continues to be known. However, in the case of brucea javanica, specific studies and research have found conclusive information in results regarding treatment of cancer. It has been shown in various studies, that this plant has an impressive efficacy when treating bladder, cervical, breast and pancreatic cancer. When a study was conducted on its ability to kill off breast cancer cells, it's selective toxicity found it had over a 70 percent rate of eliminating harmful cells.

With cancer being one of the most prevalent killers in our society, oncologists continue to notice the shortcomings of chemotherapy and radiation. It has also been shown that such measures can damage healthy cells along with cancerous ones. So if there can be an alternative treatment to this issue, why not have it continuously explored and have more research money poured into it? It stands to reason that conventional medicine isn't the end all be all, nor does it have all the answers so many seek.

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