5 Ways To Create A Cleaner, More Eco-Friendly Home Environment

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Written By Paisley Hansen / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

In many homes cleanliness is a primary priority; however, what many people don’t realize is that there is a wide range in what cleanliness means. Many families are looking to make the switch to greener and more sustainable strategies to keep their home environments clean.

If you are someone who strives for a tidy house but is looking to embrace a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle, here are five ways to help you make that change.

Switch to Clean Energy to Create a Cleaner, More Eco-Friendly Home Environment

When they were built, many homes were powered by finite energy sources when they were first built; however, this energy use may be contaminating your home in ways that you may not be aware of. By harnessing the power of a limited power source, you are inadvertently harming the environment and by extension, harming your life at home.

To reduce your environmental impact, consider swapping your finite energy source for a renewable one. Power your home using solar panels and a solar power battery. Not only can this lead to reduced harmful energy consumption but it can also leave you with the byproduct of reduced energy costs and utility expenses.

Go Greener With a Remodel to Create a Cleaner, More Eco-Friendly Home Environment

If you want your home to create a more sustainable lifestyle, remodeling your home can open up endless possibilities. Whether you are embracing a greener approach to life or you need to do work on your home to fix a problem, your renovation can be a wonderful way to improve your current lifestyle.

You can take your reconstruction project beyond solar panels and renewable energy and weave eco-friendly choices throughout the scope of the project. Using reclaimed or recycled materials, opting for energy efficiency, adding more natural light and choosing a contractor that specializes in green construction are all ways that you can take your home from wasteful to sustainable.

Reevaluate Your Diet to Create a Cleaner, More Eco-Friendly Home Environment

While you can look to the fuel sources within your home, you also need to evaluate the sources of energy that you are providing to everyone within the household. You may be causing unnecessary strain on your body through eating unhealthily, and in addition to this, causing harm to the environment.

Switching to a more environmentally-friendly diet by swapping plant-based products for your meats, going meatless on Mondays, switching to more sustainable food choices or starting a garden in your backyard can be great ways to support a cleaner home, a cleaner planet, and a cleaner physical state.

Reduce VOC Emissions to Create a Cleaner, More Eco-Friendly Home Environment

Another influential element that may be interfering with the cleanliness and sustainability efforts in your home is the emission of volatile organic compounds. These can be found in anything from paints to cleaning supplies to scented products.

Not only can this cause detrimental harm to the environment and its atmosphere, but it can also lead to health concerns for you and your family. If you want to create a clean, safe and environmentally conscious home life, switch to green cleaning.

Switch Your Skincare to Create a Cleaner, More Eco-Friendly Home Environment

You may be unaware of this, but there can even be VOCs and other harmful agents in beauty and healthcare products. While you may want to maintain your care routine, you can stay beautiful and keep up your look within causing harm to your health and your home.

Switching to greener choices for all of your beauty, healthcare and personal products can leave you with glowing skin and a beautiful look as a result without the unnecessary chemicals and additives that may hurt you. Not only do many of these companies reduce the unpleasant ingredients that you could be exposed to, but they also often commit to greener choices to support the health of the planet.

There is a wonderful byproduct of opting for a sustainable and cleaner home, you often can help the planet. Many of the harmful agents that we expose our bodies and homes to actually lead to severe and unnecessary consequences to the planet. If you want to improve both, commit yourself to do the research and make healthier choices for all.

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Paisley Hansen is a freelance writer and expert in health, fitness, and growing young. When she isn’t writing she can usually be found reading a good book or hitting the gym. She loves hearing from readers so feel free to contact her through Facebook.

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Founder Ray Spotts has a passion for all things natural and has made a life study of nature as it relates to health and well-being. Ray became a forerunner bringing products to market that are extraordinarily effective and free from potentially harmful chemicals and additives. For this reason Ray formed Trusted Health Products, a company you can trust for clean, effective, and healthy products. Ray is an organic gardener, likes fishing, hiking, and teaching and mentoring people to start new businesses. You can get his book for free, “How To Succeed In Business Based On God’s Word,” at

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