The Effects Of Keto On Your Skin And Body

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Written By Finnegan Pierson / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

The keto diet is intended to help control your weight, reduce food cravings and lower your dependence on refined sugar. Although the diet has several positive effects on your skin and body, keto can also produce unwanted side effects.

Because everyone’s body chemistry is unique, you may not experience the same benefits or adverse effects of keto discussed below.

Inflammation And Keto

When you begin keto dieting, your body enters a transformative process called ketosis. Ketosis occurs when your body uses fats for energy rather than glucose.

The drastic change in your metabolism can have negative effects on your physical and mental abilities, and some choose to end the diet due to its side effects. You can have low energy on keto, increased anxiety, hunger pains and even depression.

Although the effect is temporary, some experience increased inflammation and may break out in hives or psoriasis. Inflammation is a typical result of your body reacting to an extreme change and usually recedes when your body adapts to ketosis.

Acne Increase And Keto

The keto diet focuses on healthy fats, but a higher level of fat can result in increased acne. Sebum levels on your skin increase during a high-fat diet.

Sebum is an oily secretion that protects your skin, but high levels of the secretion can increase the occurrence of pimples. The acne can also be the result of increased inflammation, and some keto dieters notice that the acne fades after a few months on the diet.

Acne Decrease And Keto

Initially, keto can increase your acne. However, you may experience decreased acne when your metabolism stabilizes.

Keto lowers your insulin levels, and low insulin inhibits the growth of acne. Although some dieters have noticed clearer skin on keto, the direct correlation between lower acne and the keto diet has not been scientifically established. Further testing is needed to show a link between keto and acne development.

Beneficial Bacteria And Keto

On keto, your body changes its energy source from glucose to fat. The high fat and protein in the diet are effective in lowering and managing your weight, but keto can negatively impact your stomach.

Some of the fruits and vegetables you’re supposed to avoid on keto because of their high carb levels are also fiber-rich foods that keep your beneficial bacteria in balance. If you reduce your intake of fiber, you risk damaging your stomach’s bacteria.

Decreased probiotic health can lead to nutrient deficiencies in your skin and nails, and a fiber deficiency can also lead to constipation. To avoid the unpleasant side effects, you can take a fiber substitute that is safe to use every day.

Sun Damage Prevention And Keto

Another possible benefit to your skin when you follow a keto regiment is greater protection from the sun. Healthy fats that contain omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids can help your skin resist damage from the sun’s rays.

You can eat tuna, salmon, chia, and soybean oil for omega 3s, and you can try tofu, walnuts, poultry, and eggs for omega 6s. To avoid cancer and retain healthy skin, it’s essential to protect your skin from sunlight and harmful UV rays.

Less Wrinkled Skin And Keto

Large amounts of refined sugars can damage your collagen and lead to lines and wrinkles. Keto cuts the sugar and carbs out your diet, and your skin is less likely to be affected by glycation. Glycation is the process caused by a high blood sugar level that weakens collagen.

Skin-Friendly Food And Keto

Avocados, cucumbers, spinach and cauliflower are some of the keto-friendly foods that are beneficial to your skin. Choose green vegetables that are low in starch and carbs to maintain healthy skin.

Keto Rash

One of the most unpleasant results of the keto diet is prurigo pigmentosa. This skin condition only affects a small percentage of dieters, and it occurs when your ketone level raises after ketosis. The rash produces small red welts that cause itching and can leave permanent dark spots on your skin.

Keto can produce mixed results for dieters, but each individual’s conditions may vary. Since keto is relatively new, more research is needed to show the diet’s long-term effects on your body and skin.

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