Surprising Symptoms Of Prediabetes

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Your Weight 

Being overweight is the most well known risk for developing diabetes. The more excess weight you carry increases the insulin resistance of cells, and that raises levels of blood glucose. What may be surprising is that unexplained weight loss can be just as big an indicator for diabetes. This can occur due to lack of glucose energy supplied to the body's cells, and loss of calories related to glucose due to excessive urination.

Excess blood glucose draws water from the tissues of the body. This can cause dry and itchy skin that is prone to flaking or cracking, especially in the legs, feet and elbows. Fluids can also be drawn from the lenses of the eyes, blurring vision and making it more difficult to focus. Typically, people will feel thirsty a large amount of the time when they're affected like this. This thirst is rarely ever quenched, which causes the person to drink more, and thusly urinate more.

Slowed Immune Response
A high level of blood glucose interferes with the body's ability to heal itself and fight off infection. This can result in slow healing cuts, sores, or bruises and frequent infections. Because this healing ability is compromised, people who suffer from diabetes or pre-diabetes are more prone to poor oral health conditions as well. Symptoms such as gum inflammation with red, swollen, tender, and even bleeding gums can and often does occur.

Sleepiness After Eating
Within an hour of eating, your body converts food into glucose. In cases of diabetes or pre-diabetes the process is greatly exacerbated. Levels of blood glucose spike, and the body releases a large amount of insulin to attempt to regulate it. This surge is usually ineffective, and can cause drowsiness.

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