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Written By Jonathan Sharp / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

For most of us, the bed represents a haven where we can relax after a long day and enjoy a good nights’ sleep. So naturally, the mattress we choose plays a vital role in creating a comfortable ambiance. However, most often, people don’t check the label or research what their mattress of choice is made of.

We trust that manufacturers wouldn’t use any harmful materials that are intimate and vital for our general well-being. Restful sleep is essential for our health, and, as it seems, so is the mattress we choose. 

Upon closer examination of your mattress, you might discover that it contains fiberglass. Don’t be alarmed; in theory, fiberglass is there to protect you, and, under normal circumstances, it shouldn’t pose any threat to your health. However, it’s not entirely safe to sleep on either.

The best thing you can do is pay close attention to the inner materials when choosing a new mattress and go for an organic one because the benefits override the financial aspect in the long term. 

Your Health Might be at Risk if You Own a Fiberglass Mattress

Fiberglass is commonly found in the top layer and is typically blended with other chemicals like modacrylic. The reason it made its way into mattresses was to meet industry standards while keeping production costs low, as it represents a considerably cheaper fire retardant than natural materials and a safer alternative to chemicals.

However, what brands don’t specifically tell you is that inhaling or having fiberglass reach your skin could be quite harmful to your health. So, instead, some brands adopt various names for it, such as silica, which creates confusion.

Fiberglass became popular in the United States in the mid-twentieth century when it was used as an insulator in the construction business. Because of its exceptional fireproof characteristics, fiberglass fibers also started to be used in mattress manufacturing in the 1970s.

Fiberglass is also heat resistant, making it an excellent choice for regulating sleep temperature. It is generally combined with other ingredients to reduce the number of adverse effects. However, these materials wear out over time, leaving you with microscopic strands of glass that could be dangerous to sleep on.

Fiberglass is relatively safe unless it is exposed to air. If implanted deeper in the mattress, it might provide a risk-free fire barrier; however, if the mattress gets torn or goes through its usual wear and tear process and you come into contact with the fiberglass slivers, you will experience itching and redness that will linger for hours or days.

Several examples have been documented in the United States and online in which the complainants have suffered from significant health problems. 

When fiberglass comes into contact with bare skin, it can cause redness, soreness, and continuous irritation. The tiny slivers can pierce your flesh and cause pain. However, irritation will subside as soon exposure ceases. The particles in the air can also make your eyes red, swollen, and watery.

The symptoms are very similar to the flu. However, the danger grows if these microscopic particles penetrate your eye and disrupt your vision. It can also cause irritation of the throat, nasal passages, lungs, gastrointestinal problems, and even lung scarring, but prevention reduces symptoms. 

If Your Home is Contaminated with Fiberglass, it will Cost a Lot to Clean up

The real issue is that manufacturers have failed to properly warn customers about the potential dangers that fiberglass could pose to their health and their homes, and even if the label reads “Do not remove the cover,” they have still made it possible to do so by sewing zippers alongside the mattresses’ cover. So naturally, for many, this indicated that it is indeed safe to remove it.  

Because of its static qualities, removing fiberglass from surfaces with a vacuum or any other DIY method is nearly impossible. You must dispose of the contaminated item and hire professionals to clean it thoroughly, which can end up costing up to $20,000 to have your properties professionally cleaned.

If you have removed the mattress cover, you must discard the mattress because it can penetrate even waterproof bed covers, so if you possess a fiberglass mattress, whether for yourself or your children, never remove, damage, or yank the outer cover.

Go for Non-Toxic Mattress Options

There is no doubt that even the idea of having fiberglass in your mattress can completely disrupt your sleep and bubble up a lot of anxiety. So, the best thing you can do to ensure that your environment is safe is to pay very close attention when choosing a mattress, research the best options and thoroughly read the label.

There are many fiberglass-free options available in the United States and other parts of the world. Although they are more expensive, they are safer investments. Natural and organic mattresses are great if you want a non-toxic, fiberglass-free option. For temperature regulation, they often contain wool or bamboo batting and cotton-treated mesh covers.

It is also worthy of mentioning that in the unfortunate case that your house has already been contaminated by fiberglass leaking from your mattress, you can receive free mattress replacements through this campaign.

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As the CFO of Environmental Litigation Group, P.C., a legal firm based in Alabama, Jonathan Sharp is devoted to helping individuals and families who have experienced severe health consequences due to defective products or occupational exposure to hazardous substances.

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