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An annual data report published by the American College of Sports Medicines American Fit Index program with support from the Anthem Foundation - highlights key health and fitness measures for the country's 50 largest metropolitan areas. The report provides communities with the opportunity to gauge and improve their health, provide awareness and education to community leaders, and inspire community action and advocacy based on scientific evidence. 

New this year is a recapped five-year summary of data for each city. A quick view of the overall rankings reveals an areas overall rank and score, its personal health rank and score, and its community health rank and score. The report also assesses 14 personal health indicators and 16 community health indicators which include the percent of the population that is physically active, currently smokes and has been diagnosed with asthma, diabetes and heart disease. Community health indicator examples include the percent of the population that uses public transportation, recreational area ratios, park-related expenditures and the number of primary care providers. Target goals are also included for each measure.

Health And Fitness Progress

For the first time ever, a health and fitness trend report has been created for each Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), documenting progress during the five-year period from 2009 to 2013. As a tool, this report can be used to identify where to celebrate success, as well as what areas are in need of more attention.

While improvements in community and built environment indicators are important investments, a notable change in the health of residents is expected to slowly, but surely, follow, says Dr. Walt Thompson, chair of the ACSM American Fitness Index advisory board and a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine. As we all strive for a healthier future, AFI recognizes the tremendous efforts that have gone into improving the health and well-being of residents, as well as community and environmental assets.

The data trend reports also help arm cities with the data they need to make improvements. Our goal is to drive positive, healthy change in peoples lives and in our communities, said Lance Chrisman, executive director of the Anthem Foundation. To change the future, you have to understand where you've been and where you are today. These reports paint a clearer picture of where cities stand in promoting healthy lifestyles.

You can view your city's trend report or read more about understanding the trend report.

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