Dried Fruits Or Fresh Fruits – What’s Better for You?

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Written By Scott Matthews / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Today, people are conscious of their health like never before. This has been caused by the emergence of contagious atnd terminal diseases in recent years. Medical experts and nutritionists report that everyone needs to eat fruits and vegetables regularly to be strong and healthy.

Fruits are protective foods. Not only do they eliminate diseases but also protect our bodies from hundreds of diseases. Fruits boost the immune system and improve mental health. In fact, there is nothing better than starting your day with fruits.

If you consume fruits on a regular basis, you’ve probably noticed that there are two types of fruits. They include dried fruits and fresh fruits. Which one between the two is better for you?

Nutritionists tend to disagree on this topic. Some encourage people to consume dried fruits while others encourage people to go for fresh fruits. Today we are going to look at both sides of the coin and determine which one is best for you. Let’s get started!

Defining Dried Fruits

A dried fruit, as its name suggests, is a fruit that doesn’t have water content in it. In short, water has been removed through different drying methods. During the process, the fruit shrinks thus leaving a tiny, dried, energy-dense fruit. The most common type of dried fruits is raisins followed by figs, dates and apricots.

You’ll also find different varieties of dried fruit in candied form such as pineapples, mangoes, apples and bananas. Dried fruits are easier to preserve than fresh fruit. In fact, most dried fruits are consumed as snacks particularly on long trips where refrigeration is not accessible.

Fresh Fruits

A fresh fruit is a fruit that contains all the minerals and water content. In other words, it is a fruit that has not been processed in any way. Nutritionists report that fresh fruits have low calories and keep the body hydrated because of their high water content.

They also provide the necessary minerals and energy required by the body to operate at an optimum level. Some of the common types of fresh fruits include apples, berries, mangoes, bananas, pineapples and oranges to name a few.

Benefits Of Dried Fruit

1. Rich in fiber, antioxidants and micronutrients

Dried fruit is very nutritious. A piece of dried fruit contains almost the same amount of nutrients as that of fresh fruit. The only difference is the nutrients are condensed in a smaller package.

In terms of weight, dried fruits contain up to four times the amount of fiber, minerals and vitamins found in fresh fruit. Therefore, a single serving can provide a huge percentage of the recommended intake of minerals and vitamins.

However, dried fruit does not contain enough vitamin C since most of it is lost during the drying process. Dried fruits are rich in antioxidants such as polyphenols which has been reported to improve digestive health, blood flow, reduced oxidative damage and boost immunity.

2. Reduced weight

Medical experts report that people who consume dried fruits on a regular basis tend to weigh less and consume more nutrients compared to people who don’t consume dried fruits. You have to keep in mind that these studies were observational only. Dried fruits are one of the best sources of antioxidants.

3. Reduced risk of diseases

Dried fruits such as raisins have been reported to reduce a number of diseases. Have you ever asked yourself what raisins are? They are basically dried grapes. They are rich in potassium, fiber and several other health-promoting compounds. They have a low insulin index and glycemic index value. This means that raisins cannot cause a rise in blood sugar or insulin levels especially after meals.

Studies have shown that raisins control blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure, control blood cholesterol levels and reduce body inflammation. All the factors mentioned above reduce the risk of developing heart diseases and type 2 diabetes.

4. Natural laxatives

Dried fruits like prunes are natural laxatives which help in fighting diseases. In essence, prunes or died plums are very nutritious. They are a rich source of fiber, beta-carotene, vitamin K and potassium. They are popular for their laxative effects which are caused by high fiber and sugar alcohol content known as sorbitol.

Consuming prunes has proven to improve the frequency and consistency of stools. Also, prunes are quite effective at relieving constipation which is a major problem facing both children and adults today. Prunes are rich in antioxidants which prevent cancer and heart disease.

5. Important for pregnant women

Dried fruits should be consumed by pregnant women on a regular basis. Pregnant women should specifically go for dates since they are sweet and rich in potassium, fiber and iron and other plant compounds. Of all the dried fruits available, dates contain the highest amount of antioxidants which drastically reduce oxidative damage in the body.

Dates have been reported to have a low glycemic index which indicates that consuming them cannot lead to spikes in blood sugar levels. Consuming dates during the last few weeks of pregnancy may facilitate cervical dilation and reduce the need for induced labor. Dates have also proved to improve fertility in males.

Avoid Candied Fruit

To make dried fruits appealing to the palette, food-processing companies are now coating them with syrup or added sugar before drying. Dried fruit that has been coated with added sugar has proven to have dangerous effects on health such as obesity, cancer and heart diseases. You should always read the ingredients of your package before consuming the contents.

Moving To Fresh Fruits

As we said earlier, fresh fruits contain lots of water and calories as compared to dried fruits. This means that the body gets hydrated and energized to perform its biological functions. Here are a few benefits of fresh fruits.

1. Skin care

Fresh fruits keep the body hydrated while nourishing it with essential minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. This promotes radiant and healthy skin in the long run. If you’ve been using creams to keep your skin healthy, you should try consuming fresh fruits such as bananas, apples and avocado.

2. Healthy hair

Fresh fruits have been proven to contribute to long and healthy hair. Consuming fresh fruits on an empty stomach prevents premature graying and hair loss in the long run. Oranges and citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C which prevents hair loss and promotes healthy shiny hair.

Also, strawberries and pineapples help in accelerating hair growth. If dandruff and itching affects you, avocados are here to help you. Avocados are rich in Vitamin E which strengthens and promotes hair growth.

3. Fiber

Constipation is a major issue affecting children and adults alike. Constipation arises when you don’t consume foods rich in fiber. The best way to prevent constipation is consuming fresh fruits on a regular basis. In fact, you should consume fruits in whole form including the skin because it is rich in fibrous content.

Points To Consider When Consuming Fresh Fruits

You should always go for seasonal fruits. In most cases, seasonal fruits prevent disorders and diseases that are likely to be present during the season.

  • Consume raw fruits – In most cases, cooked fruits usually lose a higher percentage of their nutritional value due to high heat. Therefore, you should always go for fresh fruits whenever you can.
  • Eat fruits before meals – You should avoid eating fruits with the main meal because it can result in digestive problems caused by severe acidity. The best time to consume fruits is before or after meals. This should be at least one or two hours before or after.
  • Consume fresh fruits in the morning – Eating fruits in the morning helps in detoxifying and losing weight. Although nutritionists report that the benefits can be obtained at any time of the day, morning is the best time.


So, dried fruits or fresh fruits, what’s better for you? Both dried fruits and fresh fruits have their advantages. It all depends on what you want to achieve. It’s best to consume both dried fruits and fresh fruits on a regular basis to stay fit and healthy.

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