Basic Teeth Care Tips For A Healthier Life

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Written By Nancy Lu / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Teeth are among the strongest parts of our body so how can tooth problems like cavities, gum diseases or even tartar be so common? Isn't something basically wrong? Teeth care is not really complicated, but not many really know how to care for their teeth. By following these basic teeth care tips one can have healthy teeth, fresh breath and a healthier life.


The first and foremost aspect of teeth care is brushing. Brushing is a very important routine which can prevent all types of dental problems when done right! Did you know you must brush at least twice daily? According to a study, brushing should be done for a minimum of two minutes for thorough cleaning. Brushing should be done is a circular motion and the brush head should be small enough to reach crevices and edges.


Next is flossing ones teeth to remove debris, plaque and tartar. Tartar and plaque is becoming a common yet most ignored problem. Did you know plaque accumulation is linked to a few cardiac problems? Regular flossing helps eliminate and prevent accumulation of debris, plaque and tartar. So flossing right after brushing is a very important part of your dental care routine.


Without mouthwash, a brushing routine is never complete! Mouthwash helps prevent accumulation of plaque and formation of tartar. Besides, it gives a fresh breath and also helps remove accumulated plaque and tartar. Mouthwash should be used after brushing and flossing and at least twice daily for best results.

Did you know you must change your tooth brush every two to three months? Yes, if not bacteria tend to accumulate and you might transfer them back to your mouth while brushing! Also, bristles aren't effective after two or three months of brushing. Changing brushes before the bristles wear off can ensure you get all the benefits of brushing.

Did you know you must clean your tongue to avoid bad breath? Yes, bacteria tend to accumulate on your tongue. Cleaning your tongue is as important as brushing. You can use tongue cleaners or tongue scrapers for best results.

Though you take adequate precautions and make sure all dental care measures are followed, visiting a dentist regularly shouldn't be overlooked. Irrespective of whether or not you have a tooth or gum problem, dental check-up should be done every six months. This is a preventive measure to make sure your teeth remain healthy always.

Consuming a balanced meal is very important for your teeth health as well. Gargling after every meal and avoiding fine carbohydrates and sugars is also good things to do for your teeth. Sugar is acidic in nature and the prime cause of cavities. Avoiding having sugar-based foods in-between meals; gargling after eating anything sugary can prevent cavities.

Never use any over-the-counter products without taking advice from your dentist. You might never need a whitening paste or other kits as long as you brush, floss and use a mouthwash regularly. Even for those who have tooth or gum problems, only a dentist can suggest the right products.

These simple tips can go a long way in ensuring your teeth remain healthier and problem-free for life!

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Nancy Lu is a health enthusiast and blogger who writes on maintaining good health and dental practices.

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