5 Tips To Switch From Coffee To Tea

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Written By Amit Ahuja / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

It is a bit challenging to change from coffee to tea especially if you are used to the taste of the former. There are different things that you will be dealing with if you have decided to do this shifting. Coffee is addictive. Many people are looking at this specific beverage as a type of drug that keeps them awake whenever they need to finish something. There are numerous coffee facts that speak about good health aside from just keeping you boosted the whole day.

Tea, on the other hand, can be a good alternative if you are looking forward to completely eliminating coffee from your system. But it can be a bit difficult because these two are totally different. In the process of shifting, you will always see yourself wanting to go back to coffee for the rest of your life. But if you are really serious about this major change that you will be applying, here are some tips that can be very helpful in assisting you to shift from coffee to tea.

Ease The Transition

The shifting will not be possible overnight. You cannot just change from something that has been there for a very long time to something that is totally new. Drinking coffee is a regular thing for most adults. You wake up in the morning thinking about a cup of coffee. You will imagine the taste whenever you are working on something at the office. Some would even spend their whole 10 minute break just to have coffee while reading the newspaper. It is not really easy.

Easing the transition means doing it one day at a time. Do not throw away your coffee yet. During the first weeks, you can have a cup of coffee every morning and start drinking tea during your break. If you are already used to the taste of tea, that’s the perfect time for you to lessen your coffee until you are ready to completely eliminate it.

Opposites Attract

In, you will find the characteristics of coffee and you will be able to compare it with tea. These two beverages are completely opposite. But don’t worry because there is a concept saying that opposites attract. As you change from coffee to tea, look at the differences and count the best things about tea. We call this conditioning. If you were able to count the best things about it, then you will certainly be able to make yourself appreciate it.

Lighter Blacks

The next thing that you need to do after making a firm decision to change from coffee to tea is to lighten your coffee in the transition period. Your body needs to shift slowly so that you will not be experiencing withdrawal syndromes. Lighten your coffee and do it until you can now easily shift to another beverage. This will take time and you should be patient with yourself. Do not do this abruptly because it may cause other problems that will make your body suffer.


Making Tea

There are different ways on how you can prepare your tea. Sometimes, it is a bit more difficult compared to how you make your coffee. Enjoying the process is something that can ease the transition. Make your tea in such a way that you will find yourself feeling joyful about the whole process. You can also experiment. You can add a slice of lemon to your tea or you can also think about putting in milk. Test all possible ways of making tea until you see yourself loving it.

Visit A Shop

If you are a total coffee person and you do not have an idea on how to spice up your tea, you can start by visiting a shop where you can observe how they make a cup of the best-tasting tea. You can look at the menu and try to see the best one that attracts you. Make an order and enjoy as you continue to observe and learn how to make your own tea.


A change of heart when it comes to your beverages is something that you can do. However, it will take some time before you can totally eliminate coffee from your system. There will be days when you will find yourself still craving coffee. Instead of stopping yourself from getting a cup, you should satisfy your craving but you also need to consider the different tips provided above.

This will be a decision that you should make with your heart ready to accept any of the challenges that you will be encountering along the way. The most difficult will be the withdrawal syndrome that happens when people are used to drinking large amount of coffee. But you should not be afraid of this. With the right process and proper motivation, it is possible for you to shift from coffee to tea.

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