3 Dieting Rules To Help You Stay Healthy

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Written By Finnegan Pierson / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Dieting is on the minds of many as a means of achieving within your body a desired result. However, there are many schools of thought regarding dietary needs and dieting for a given purpose, and this can be confusing to the uninitiated who want to improve themselves.

That being said, health and fitness are simpler than you think. With these tips, you can retool your diet in order to become a better you.

Dietary supplements to stay healthy

Dieting can be tricky, as doing so effectively means you’ll need to know what your body needs and what you’re ingesting in order to meet those demands. Dietary supplements are there to help you fill in the cracks by offering you only the specific vitamins or nutrients you’re looking for with the minimal possible amount of other material.

For example, bodybuilders and dieters alike use  isolate protein to meet increased demands without including the high fat content of the milk from which it’s made. Likewise, vitamin supplements can allow you to complete your diet in cases of deficiencies, some of which can have medical causes.

Using supplements to micromanage your diet, you can ensure that you get the essential vitamins and nutrients all while staying within the parameters of your caloric goals and fueling workouts.

Watching calories to stay healthy

Calorie counting is one of many weight loss diet methods that has earned its fair share of both acclaim and controversy. However, calories provide a numerical goal post that can help you to ensure that you can lose weight or fuel your workouts in a safe way.

In order to use calorie counting to your advantage, you’ll need to address two primary factors. Calorie counting is based on meeting your daily requirements and burning off spare calories, so you’ll need to figure out your calorie maintenance number.

You’ll need to meet that number on a daily basis in order to remain safe, and that number can change on a given day based on your level of activity. Then, you’ll need to find a diet that allows you to barely cover your needs without too many additional calories.

Using this method, you can control your weight more effectively by maintaining a deficit in order to lose weight, but you can also figure out how best to bulk up without gaining weight.

Your body’s needs to stay healthy

The most important part of any diet is making sure that your body has all of the vitamins and nutrients it needs, not to mention hydration. Ensuring that you do so is often the reason that dieting for weight loss is tricky.

Two prominent examples of how to eat for your body’s needs are protein and carbs, as each has a clear purpose, and your consumption of these nutrients should be tailored to your level of physical activity. Protein maintains and repairs muscle, skin, hair, and nails, and an intense workout therefore uses more of your body’s stores of protein than usual.

Likewise, carbs are your body’s preferred energy source, meaning that you’ll need more when you’re more active. Vitamins D and B12 contribute to your energy level, electrolytes help your muscles move, and hydration is essential for the maintenance and functionality of the body across the board.

Maintaining sufficient vitamins and nutrients is imperative, and it can be made simple with a few rules and some dietary supplements to round you out. Meat and mushrooms are popular choices for protein, but carbs are a bit trickier.

Simple carbs are functionally identical to sugar in that they provide a short burst of energy followed by a crash and weight gain if the energy isn’t used in that short time. Complex carbs dispense that energy over a longer period of time and result in less weight gain.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be hard for you to wrap your mind around, but it’s all much simpler than it first appears. Learning the how’s and why’s is the most important step, because all that remains is committing to the changes you want to see and the lifestyle that will get you where you want to be.

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