Radon: Growing Links To Cancer?

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Radon exposure has been linked to the occurrences of lung cancer for quite some time. But in certain states, such as Iowa and North Dakota, where radon levels are especially high, there have been occurrences of other types of cancer at an alarming rate. Could there be some correlation? Researchers from the School of Medicine & Health Sciences at the University of North Dakota sought out with this hypothesis to find the truth while wondering if the presence of and exposure to radon could cause other types of cancers in mass numbers.

One of the researchers, Brad Rundquist, explained the process thoroughly by saying: We took an ecological approach. We looked at where diseases occur and what's happening in the social and natural settings. Environmental factors are extensively and increasingly linked to causation than ever before. When researchers find a statistical significance and correlation between a specific environment and the rate at which citizens in its region are diagnosed with or die of cancer, it's incredibly striking.

Easy And Affordable Fix

Researchers came to the conclusion that prevention in this way could be incredibly beneficial in the onset of exposure and potentially more and more people getting sick. So mitigating the exposure to the chemical becomes one of the most difficult problems.

Because radon is odorless and tasteless, so many that are affected by it have virtually no idea. However, what researchers did find was that purchasing rubber covers for pump holes or sealing off basement cracks, where the remnants of radon can seep in, is actually a pretty easy fix. It also costs less than a couple thousand dollars.

In the grand scheme of things that may not sound like a lot of money where your health and well being is concerned. However, for some who are on fixed incomes and don't necessarily understand the severity of radon fumes and the potential damage it does cause to those with increased exposure to it, they may be less likely to take it seriously.

How do you motivate people about a peril that's invisible, can't be tasted or smelled, and cost money if found? explains another researcher. This is the perpetual issue they will have to combat as more and more tests and studies are completed to improve the public, environmental safety of so many people.

It stands to reason that those who know someone who has suffered through painful bouts of cancer, whether they lost their life or survived, would be more apt to take the necessary measures required to protect themselves and their families by sealing off gaps in the home which could surreptitiously lead to radon being let in. There has been substantial evidence in many different scenarios and circumstances that have lead to the knowledge that the inhalation of certain substances will have deleterious effects.

Radon is a toxic gas and its presence shouldn't be taken lightly or under rationalized or reasonable pretenses. It's absolutely essential that those who are exposed to it stop the exposure at once. A couple thousand bucks is worth it when you factor in the pain, suffering and medical bills that would likely result. Take your health seriously.

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