Air Filters With Soy Capture More Toxic Chemicals

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The amount of toxins in the air is sometimes something that we don't give proper thought to. Due to the fact that we can't see them, particles in the air contain harmful entities such as free radicals, pollutants, and a whole host of other harmful things the naked eye cannot see. While technology has given us the benefits of air filters, which help to clean the air and provide a more balanced atmosphere, some air filters are superior to others.

In a recent study, researchers found that filters that are soy based actually can capture more toxic chemicals than ones that aren't. Toxins in the air such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde can be better filtered out when they come into contact with a filter made from soy-based products. What makes these discoveries even more exciting is that soy is natural and incredibly friendly to the environment. No need to use air filters that have additives that may make the problem worse.

Why They Are Effective

Researchers at Washington State University actually developed the filters themselves with the idea of making air filters more effective in general. The inability for some air filters to detect harmful air pollutants was an issue that they successfully took to task and eliminated by dabbling in product creation. Engineers at the university both designed and tested the components of the bio-based filter and the results were impressive, to say the least. One of the reasons these particular air filters are so effective is because of how soy protein works. Not only is the protein itself inexpensive, natural and biodegradable but does a better job at apprehending air toxins.

The quality of the air does a number on our health profile. As such, the particles that exist in the air, which we often cannot see, contribute steadfastly to increased rates of lung cancer, heart disease and asthma. This is something that environmental activists talk about often. While they continually worry about the state of the planet and the earth as a whole, the way the air takes on the toxins of so many specific situations is problematic and should be addressed. While standard air purifiers target small particles in the air such as soot, exhaust and smoke, they don't deal with other common issues that hang in the air.

Why Soy Based?

Depending on things such as population and specific materials used, the presence of hazardous, gaseous molecules is more prevalent in certain parts of the globe. Things like sulfur dioxide and other volatile compounds can be disastrous to the air and then the body by way of ingesting. While typical air filters are often made with micron-sized fibers from plastics, these entities have a hard time capturing gaseous materials and molecules. The study found that soy can actually capture almost all of air pollutants because of that specific soy protein. Due to the large number of functional chemical groups that are present in soy, pollutants that pass on the molecular level can still be caught.

In addition to the filters that are predominately soy based, the researchers also helped to craft a gelatin filter based from cellulose which helps to keep the overall costs down. Things like disposable paper towel and other paper products have helped keep the cost of the production of such products low. The state of the air impacts our health and our planet; clearing it in a natural way is of paramount importance.

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