Rice Selection – Which Is The Best?

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Written By Yogesh Gupta / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Everyone who is interested in diet and bodybuilding topics certainly knows one of the most classic dishes in the world is chicken with rice. This is something that you can't escape when you want a meal with the right amount of protein. Of course, white rice is the most easily available, however, it is worth familiarizing yourself with other varieties of this plant because it can give you an interesting alternative to a standard dinner.

White Rice Vs. Brown
When it comes to choosing rice, there is usually a question between white or brown rice. This is mainly due to the fact that both types contain a similar amount of energy, carbohydrates and protein. However, brown rice has more vitamins and minerals. In addition, five times more fiber and twice as much iron.

Brown rice also has a much lower glycemic index (GI) compared to white. The higher the index, the faster the food increases blood glucose after a meal. It is worth noting that many studies show the consumption of foods with high levels of GI can lead to such diseases as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity and colorectal cancer. For example, white rice regarding the GI ranges is between 70 and 100, where brown rice is between 56 and 69.
Other Types Of Rice
Of course, brown and white are not the only rice varieties you may be interested in – they are simply the most common and easy to find.
An interesting alternative is red rice. Its anthocyanin composition, gives it a characteristic red/chestnut color. Compared to brown, it has a similar amount of fiber, but twice as much iron and six times as much zinc
Black rice has a layer of black color thanks to its unique combination of anthocyanins. These anthocyanins cause black rice to become deep purple when cooking. Compared to brown, it has three times more fiber and needs less time to cook.
Purple rice is a variety of black rice that naturally has a purple color, and when cooking it acquires an even darker purple. It has a similar amount of fiber to brown, but twice as much iron and four times more zinc.

Which One To Choose
As you can see, despite the fact that white rice is considered healthy, it has a fairly high glycemic index. For this reason, you can certainly try other varieties of rice, especially brown, which is widely available. Red, black and purple varieties can be hard to find in typical markets, however, if you want to try them it is worth the effort to find them!

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