Green Tea: The Secret Antidote To Impaired Memory And Obesity?

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One of the most common suggestions for a fortifying, healthy beverage is often green tea. So many praise its nutritional benefits, why it is superior to coffee, and its various functions. There is so much said about green tea that a group of researchers had questions they wanted answered - very specific questions regarding brain insulin resistance and the issues that can sometimes result in its presence. The study looked at how mice responded to a specific component within green tea called catechin, which can provide a counter experience to a certain type of cognitive impairment. 

Green tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water, and is grown in at least 30 countries, says a researcher at Northwest A&F University in Yangling, China. The drink has many important components that allow it to help with combating issues like insulin resistance, obesity and memory impairment. The study dealt with three different groups of mice: one with a standard diet, one with a diet that included green tea, and another diet with an additional amount of water.

Powerful Antioxidants

It was shown that the diet with the green tea showed cognitive memory functioning and better weight composition. It stands to reason if this was the case with mice, the positive effects could then also be experienced by humans as well. This makes perfect sense as green tea has a ton of positive properties that improve the health of consistent drinkers all the time. The powerful antioxidants within the tea leaves help to ward off free radicals that often get absorbed by the body from outside forces.

While many can't give up their coffee affinity, green tea is far and away the more healthy and impressive option. Green tea has less caffeine than what can be found in coffee but it works similarly in that it helps to block a neurotransmitter that actually allows the brain to be more functional. It helps to increase the firing of neurons that allow for thought process and overall cognitive function. It allows for the person to feel more aware and awake while also allowing for the formation of new ideas to be formed and articulated.

Where coffee fails is that it can be too strong and too much of a stimulant for those who are sensitive to that level of caffeine. Many who have converted from drinking coffee to tea say that they feel less jittery and are even getting better sleep because the levels of caffeine in green tea works so much better in their systems. There are also fat burning components within the tea that make it a great aid for those who are trying to lose weight or get into better physical shape. It does this by mobilizing the fatty acids within the fat tissues and helps them to be used for energy instead of unnecessarily stored on the body.

The antioxidant presence in the tea is also said to be a great way to combat cancer - one of the foremost killers in our society. The presence of numerous antioxidants can help to mitigate the risk of developing harmful types of growths. It's also important to note that drinking the tea without milk is recommended as the milk can alter the amount of antioxidants that are provided from fresh tea.

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