Antioxidant Foods Linked To Lower Diabetes Risk

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As is known from many research studies and commonly held practices, antioxidants have amazing benefits that are great for the immune system and potentially even helpful in the prevention of cancer. Antioxidants have been lauded as a great way to thwart the onset of certain cardiovascular conditions because of their heart-healthy properties.

It appears that these more commonly known aspects of antioxidants benefits also include another harmful condition. The risk of developing type-2 diabetes seems to be rising as our society has an even greater access and consumption of foods that compromise blood sugar levels.

This compromise causes the pancreas to be unable to properly excrete insulin which allows the body to properly process sugar. Unprocessed sugar can be devastating to the system.

Diabetes Risk

Research that was done in Europe found this correlation and noted that it was known that certain flavonoids, lycophenes, and vitamins were associated with mitigating risk of diabetes. This particular study took on specific isolated nutrients in a quest to find how these entities helped better influence a standard diet.

Over 60,000 women were given comprehensive tests and asked questions regarding over 200 different food items. The information that was garnered showed the total dietary antioxidant capacity.

The risk of diabetes was shown to diminish when the antioxidant consumption was increased. Typical antioxidant items include blueberries, prunes, hazelnuts, walnuts, tea, dark chocolate, and strawberries.

According to study author Francesca Romana Mancini, this link persists after taking into account all the other principal diabetes risk factors: smoking, education level, hypertension, high cholesterol levels, family history of diabetes and, above all, BMI, the most important factor.

Restore Your Health

There is clearly something at play that acknowledges the way that specific foods, in isolation and heavy consumption, have an obvious relationship with this disease. The inclusion of these antioxidant foods has been shown to help lessen the risk factors in getting this terrible disease. It also helps that these foods are all generally very low in sugar and carbohydrates.

A diet that is heavy and high in carbs is not going to be properly processed within a body that is diabetic or even one that is pre-diabetic. The reason why so many people are diagnosed with adult onset diabetes is because our national diets are so poorly composed and contain high amounts of sugar and carbs.

While there are still people that react fine to high complex carbs, carbs do end up turning into sugar, and when that happens, the body must work extra hard to be able to do what it is supposed to in order to decipher all of that sugar. Without the insulin from the pancreas, all other organs will be compromised and weaken.

The incorporation of exercise and a sound diet, which includes many antioxidant-rich foods, is a great way to not only prevent the occurrence of diabetes but also treat it as if you have been diagnosed. It is of paramount importance to take your health incredibly seriously as we only get one body.

Refusing to do right by it and instead filling it with junk is no way to treat your health and life. Become consistently active, stay away from sugar and refined carbs, and start to do the work necessary to take back and restore your health.

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