Glucose Monitors Track Low Blood Sugar For Hypoglycemics

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Diabetes has been one of the fastest growing medical conditions to threaten our society's health in some years. The poor Western diet has made many types of health concerns much more prominent. While high blood sugar is a real issue because of the amounts of and types of food we have access to on a continual basis, less attention is paid to low blood sugar levels and the threat of hypoglycemia.

Those with diabetes can and do suffer from low levels of blood sugar which will swing them into hypoglycemic territory. While some may think that diabetics stay on the high side of the blood sugar meter when their condition isn't being properly monitored and treated, that isn't always the case.

A study that was conducted in Pennsylvania looked at the benefit of wearing continuous blood glucose monitors for those who have drastic swings in their blood sugar. In individuals who have repeatedly experienced hypoglycemia, the body blunts awareness of symptoms warning of impending episodes, explains Michael R. Rickels, M.D., the author of the study. Wearing a continuous glucose monitor that flags falling glucose levels and has built-in alarms raises recognition of the threat.

Preventing Hypoglycemia Episodes

Eleven individuals were monitored for this study and all wore the blood sugar monitors for an 18-month period. The sufferers naturally became even more aware of their levels and hypoglycemia. The developer of the monitors and the doctors who advocate for them have a goal of preventing the frequency and severity of some of these hypoglycemia episodes.

Hypoglycemia is a potential problem for all patients with diabetes, but it is more often an unrecognized complication for individuals with type 2 diabetes, Rickels said. We are working to find effective ways to minimize the occurrence of this dangerous and costly problem. Our new initiative will play a crucial role in identifying those at risk and reducing the incidence of hypoglycemia.

When certain conditions become so pervasive and ubiquitous, there is even more interest in ascertaining how to mitigate the risks and properly deal with the issues. Blood sugar and its effects on the body and mind are tenfold. For those who haven't actually developed diabetes or don't realize they react poorly when their blood sugar gets low, it's important to not consume certain foods that make this issue even bigger to decipher.

Correcting Blood Sugar Issues

Regulating your diet and eating only natural sugars those that come from low-carb fruits and vegetables - is a perfect way to start self correcting some of your blood sugar issues. Berries, onions, melons, tomatoes and avocados are perfect food items to incorporate into your diet. Try to stay away from the fruits and vegetables that have a high amount of carbohydrates that promote greater swings in your blood sugar. Foods like bananas and sweet potatoes should only be consumed sparingly.

Increase the amount of exercise you get and the amount of water you drink as these two things have positive impacts on your blood sugar levels as well. Staying active and fully hydrated is a key tool to combat your blood sugar levels and prevent them from getting too out of hand if you do slip up and have a not-so-healthy meal.

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