Lozenge That Can Re-Build Tooth Enamel

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

A new product to fight the loss of tooth enamel is emerging in a breath mint. The University of Washington has produced research on a lozenge that has phosphorus ions and calcium ions to repair the damage caused to tooth enamel and a chain of amino acids that create a peptide from amelogenin. This particular protein is the most important in the building of tooth enamel and covers the surface area of the root of each tooth.

Peptide and protein for rebuilding layers

This protein, or peptide, is intentionally engineered to allow it to bind with the enamel and fill in the gaps or chips and strengthen it. This will not affect the soft tissues within the mouth, but will lead to repair of the enamel that protects the tooth.

This lozenge helps create an additional layer of protective enamel that is created in such a way that it easily interacts with the already existing dentin on the inner side of the enamel layers. In this way it rebuilds the layer of enamel and offers increased protection to the tooth.

This lozenge is intended to be safe for adults and children. It is taken just as a regular mint, dissolves within the mouth and is attracted to the enamel layers. In order to boost the health of the remaining enamel one lozenge can be used at some point in the day. For rebuilding damaged enamel it is recommended to use two lozenges each day.

Commercial applications

There are discussions with some large businesses as a possibility of forming partnerships and developing possible commercial applications, says Profesor Mehmet Sarikaya from the Department of Materials Research Science and Engineering.

The new enamel is reportedly a few shades whiter than any natural enamel that has been whitened by over-the-counter products, allowing it to be used no only for enamel that protects the inner dentin and roots but also to replace traditional whitening products.

Many of the current products used to create whiter teeth use bleach which thins the enamel, which leads to weaker enamel, exposed dentin, cavities, and tooth sensitivity to both hot and cold. It also exposes the inner part of the tooth to bacteria.

By using the lozenge in place of a whitener, the enamel is repaired where any damage has occurred and is thickened for better protection of the tooth.  

Studies are currently taking place to test the lozenge as an over-the-counter toothpaste for products to use in dental offices, and as both a whitening product and for those with sensitive teeth to build a thicker enamel around teeth.

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