Link Between Gum Disease And Kidney Disease

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

There are new links between periodontitis and kidney disease, mostly in relation to the inflammation that is caused. Inflammation in the gums is often linked to lower kidney function and a decreased rate of survival if kidney disease develops.

Studies have shown that the more severe the inflammation is within the gums the worse the chronic kidney disease is.  A link has also been found between the severity of gum disease and the survival rates of kidney disease.

Effect of periodontitis on kidney function

This suggests that there may be a causal link between gum inflammation and kidney function. “This is the first paper to quantify the causal effect of periodontitis on kidney function and vice-versa as well as the first to elucidate the pathways involved,” says lead author Dr. Praveen Sharma of the Periodontal Research Group at the University of Birmingham’s School of Dentistry.

A 10 percent increase of inflammation in the gums has been shown to reflect a three percent reduction in kidney function, which in turn increases the risk of kidney failure over 30 percent. A 10 percent reduction in kidney function leads to a 25 percent increase of inflammation in the gums and periodontitis, which can mean that as each gets worse - and worsens the other - it is also amplifying its own symptoms.

The positive of this connection is that by reducing gum inflammation by even 10 percent there can be an improvement in kidney function. “I hope that this research paves the way for further studies to see if improvements in kidney function and following periodontal care translate to longer, healthier life for patients with chronic kidney disease,” Sharma added.

Reducing oral inflammation

Contrasting the past beliefs that the inflammation is what links periodontitis to systemic diseases, this recent study shows it is instead caused by oxidative stress. This occurs when the oxygen is imbalanced with the antioxidant capacity. This imbalance creates damage right down to the cells. Once the cells have been damaged it is difficult to heal the damage.

There is hope that as this connection is seen in other diseases, and that by improving periodontitis and reducing the inflammation within the gums through improved oral hygiene and treatment, that other disease can be improved as well.

This study shows that improving inflammation in the gums may be able to improve many other areas and even extend life expectancy. If reducing oral inflammation can improve kidney function then perhaps it can also help reduce inflammation in other areas. Perhaps it can also help people with chronic illness find improvements in their systems and be better able to control their illness.

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